Ukraine latest news. Putin declares partial mobilization in Russia

Dragons, help Ukraine only choice consistent with our ideals

“Helping Ukraine protect itself was not just the right choice to make. It was the only choice consistent with the ideals of justice and brotherhood that are the basis of the United Nations Charter and the resolutions that this Assembly has adopted since the beginning of the conflict ”. Prime Minister Mario said so Dragons in his speech at the UN general assembly.

The invasion ofUkraine, the premier reiterated, “violates the values ​​and rules on which international security and civil coexistence between countries has been based for decades. We were convinced that we would no longer have to witness wars of aggression in Europe. Imperial dreams, militarism, systematic violations of civil and human rights seemed to us relegated to the last century. Since February we have instead witnessed bombing of theaters, schools, hospitals; violence and abuse of civilians and children; to the attempt to subjugate a free and sovereign democracy, which reacted with pride and courage to defend its independence, its dignity ”.

“Italy – said Draghi – has acted without delay, together with the other member countries of the European Union, with the allies of NATO and the G7, with all the partners who, like us, believe in an international system based on rules and multilateralism “.

Draghi: “World needs courage and clarity, but also hope”

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