Ukraine latest news. Ukrainian services: Russian senior commander killed. Nuclear medicine center hit in Kharkiv


After the failed attempts of recent days, Russia announces a new ceasefire from 9 to allow the evacuation of civilians from Kiev, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Chernihiv and Sumy. During the night, Russian planes bombed several cities in central and eastern Ukraine. The IAEA denounces the damage to a nuclear medicine plant in Kharkiv. Ukrainian leader Zelensky will speak in the English House of Commons at 4 pm

Ukrainian refugees cross the border with Moldova in Palanca (photo Ansa / Fusco)
  • Putin: “Only professional soldiers fight in Ukraine”

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said no conscripts or reservists are fighting in his country’s war against Ukraine. In a statement released today on International Women’s Day, the Russian president said only professional soldiers were involved in the attack on the neighboring country. Putin said he understands the concerns of the mothers, wives and relatives of the soldiers deployed in Ukraine.

    To know more: Conscripts deceived and sent to war, this is Putin’s army

  • Guerini (Defense): Italy contributes to strengthening deterrence

    The ongoing invasion by the Russian side has received a firm and cohesive response from the entire international community. Italy, in condemning this very serious attack, will continue to recall the need to promote every diplomatic tool that helps to stop the crisis ”. Thus the Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini, who met his Hungarian counterpart Tibor Benko yesterday in Budapest. The visit to the Hungarian capital made it possible to discuss aspects of international security, starting with the aggression against Ukraine.

    “We participate significantly in the many initiatives of the Alliance to strengthen deterrence, such as the advanced presence in Latvia and air policing in Romania,” he said. “With colleague Benko we have also evaluated the possibility of strengthening interoperability between our Armed Forces by conducting joint exercises here in Hungary, as a demonstration of the strength of our unity and collaboration. It is also clearly an important contribution to deterrence on the east flank, ”he added.

  • Zelensky at 4 pm speech in the English House of Commons

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will address British parliamentarians today at 4pm with a speech broadcast in the House of Commons in London. The Guardian reports.

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