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Italian fighter, I’m not a mercenary, I defend Kiev freedom

“A police check pushed me to be ahead of the times. And now I’m here to fight, not for money, but for an ideal, to defend the freedom of a country attacked with the 400 euros in my pocket that I had on the day of departure “. So Kevin Chiappalonethe 19-year-old Genoese and CasaPound militant investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office on charges of being a pro-Ukrainian mercenary, interviewed by telephone by La Stampa while in Ukraine.

“In the comments on social media to the news that concern me, there are people who write ‘this must be tried because it goes to kill people for money’, unimaginable things. I don’t do it for money, mind you. They also say that I decided to leave after hearing Putin say that he wanted to stop the denazification of Ukraine, but it is an emphasis, I am here to help the Ukrainians protect their freedom.

I smile if I think I am being investigated for ‘mercenaries’ and I am risking up to 7 years while the Italian state is sending funding and handcuffed weapons to the population with whom I have come to fight ”.

There is the first Italian investigated for having gone to fight in Ukraine with the resistance. Kevin Chiappalone is a 19-year-old Genoese, a sympathizer of the far-right movement CasaPound. (FACEBOOK / KEVIN CHIAPPALONE (NPK)

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