Ukraine, Moscow mercenary headquarters hit in Donbass. To reveal the hiding place, a Russian journalist

Ukrainian artillery allegedly hit the headquarters of the mercenary group of the Wagner group in Popsana, in the self-proclaimed republican of Lugansk in Donbass controlled by Russian forces. This was made known by official and pro-Russian sources cited by the BBC who do not pronounce on possible victims involved in the attack. According to the Ukrainian newspaper Ukrainska Pravda, a Russian journalist close to the Kremlin, Sergei Sredawould have revealed the headquarters of the Wagner spreading last 8 August some photos of the structure on Telegram that he had taken during his visit to the base of the private security company. In one of them you could clearly read the address of the base written on a sign: Mironovskaya 12, in Popasna. The post in which the reporter shared the images was removed soon after, but by now the photos had made the rounds of the web.

Despite the Russian president Vladimir Putin has repeatedly denied any connection with the Wagner mercenaries, the group – led by the former Russian military and personal friend of Putin, Dmitry Utkin, and financed by “Putin’s chef”, the businessman Evgenij Prigožin – it is considered the real armed wing of the Kremlin in turmoil theaters of war, from Syria to Libya, to Mali. The group. deployed in the Crimea and the Donbass region in 2014 when the forces supported by the Kremlin ousted Ukrainian troops from areas which they later declared to be part of Russia, is accused of war crimes and of serious violations of human rights.

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