Ukraine: reactions to foreign Italian stars of the war

The reactions of Hollywood stars to the war in Ukraine were not long in coming. The city of cinema has not remained insensitive to the Russian invasion. Condemning, en masse, what is happening. More than on a political level, the recurring thought is humanitarian. There is who, how Sean Penn, even went to Kiev himself. Who assumed her role as Ambassador of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), as Angelina Jolie. Who, on the other hand, has chosen silence. Which, sometimes, makes a lot more noise. How Mila Kunis.

war in ukraine, the reactions of the stars

The war in Ukraine did not leave Italian and foreign stars indifferent. Here are their reactions, social and otherwise, to the Russian invasion. From those who are taking care of refugees, like Angelina Jolie, to those who have flown to Kiev, like Sean Penn. Until the appeals for peace. With one big silence. That of Ukrainian actress Mila Kunis. Photo Ansa

The silence of Mila Kunis

Perhaps not everyone knows what the real name of the actress is Milena Markovna Kunis. And she was born in 1983 in Černivci, a city in western Ukraine, almost on the border with Romania. At the age of 8, after the fall of the Soviet empire, Mila and her parents emigrated to the United States. Where she started her acting career. She has never liked to talk about that part of her life. But before the pandemic you had an interview with the president Volodymyr Zelenskyy to «bring improvements to Ukraine». For this reason, today, Mila Kunis’ silence resonates more than many words.

eyebrows at home

Mila Kunis.

Sean Penn is in Kiev to shoot a documentary

Sean Penn is in Kiev. The actor and director, who from Haiti to his meeting with El Chapo, has the singular ability to find himself in the midst of danger, flew to Ukraine to shoot a documentary on the Russian invasion. He’s been working on it for months. And he arrived in the capital a few hours before Putin started the invasion. His photo, taken during the press conference of the Ukrainian government, went around the world. He has no intention of leaving. He wants to continue documenting what is happening.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy is one of the most beloved dancers of the American version of dancing with the Stars. Ukrainian by birth, who fled to America after the collapse of the USSR, he is currently in Kiev. Where he was a judge on a television show. He’s stuck there. And through social media he is talking about the bombs and explosions that are heard in the city.

Barbra Streisand against Putin’s fake news

He remembers his Ukrainian ancestry too Barbra Streisand. Who on Twitter mocks one of the many fake news spread by Russian President Putin. “My paternal grandparents emigrated from Ukraine and my heart breaks for the brave people fighting this Russian invasion. Putin’s propaganda about “denazification” as a motivation for war is one of the great lies of this century.” He says. It is fair to mention that both Ukrainian President Zelensky and Prime Minister Groysman are both Jews.

Messages from Stephen King and Vera Farmiga

The famous writer Stephen King he hopes that the West will soon take action. “What most of us learned as kids on the playground: You don’t stand by and watch a big kid beat up a smaller one. You may take a punch or two while trying to stop the big kid, but it’s the right thing to do,” he ha tweeted.

Vera Farmigaactress of Hawkeye, nominated for an Oscar for Up in the Air (2009), was born to Ukrainian parents. She took to her Instagram page to share an image of the country’s flag with some lyrics from the Ukrainian national anthem. Together with the hashtag #IStandWithUkraine.

war in ukraine, the reactions of the stars

American actress Vera Farmiga is the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants. Photo Ansa

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s statement

Also Meghan Markle and the prince Harry they joined the chorus of condemnation of Russia’s invasion and concern for the population. By posting a short statement on their Archewell site. Where it reads that «Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and all of us at Archewell stand with the Ukrainian people against this violation of international and humanitarian law and encourage the global community and its leaders to do the same» .

war in ukraine, the reactions of the stars

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have also expressed support for the Ukrainian people. Photo Ansa

Helping refugees is Angelina Jolie’s top priority

He has been dealing with refugees for years. That is, people who run away from conflicts. Who leave their lives because of the war. And they seek refuge where they can. Angelina Jolie’s first thought at the news of the war in Ukraine was for them. “My aim, together with my colleagues at UNHCR, is to do everything possible to ensure the protection and basic human rights of displaced persons and refugees in the region,” she writes on Instagram. “We have already had reports of victims and people who have started fleeing their homes to seek safety. It is too early to know what will happen, but the significance of this moment – ​​for the Ukrainian people and for the international rule of law – cannot be underestimated.

The unacceptable war for Annie Lennox and Cardi B

Cardi B is one of the most powerful voices on the music scene said: «I wish these world leaders would stop worrying about power and really think about who is really affected (the citizens). The whole world is in crisis. War, sanctions, invasions should be the last thing these leaders should be concerned with.”

Always against all forms of war and a great supporter of peace, Annie Lennox shared a bitter reflection on Instagram. “I have had the privilege of living in a ‘peaceful’ environment since I was born – a decade after the end of the Second World War – 67 years in total. I do not take it for granted in any way and therefore I find the notion of ‘war’ to be an unacceptable and repugnant barbarism.’

war in ukraine, the reactions of the stars

Vasco Rossi quotes Neruda to praise peace. Photo Ansa

Vasco Rossi mentions Neruda, Vanoni his childhood

Quote the great poet Paul Nerudaour rocker Vasco Rossi. “Wars are waged by people who kill without knowing each other, for the interests of people who know each other but don’t kill each other.”

Ornella Vanoni the sirens of the bombings he remembers them well. «Today the news of the invasion of Ukraine. They hoped to argue with a dictator but you never argue with a dictator. On television I heard sirens and my stomach closed. The memory of the bombs and the war, which I have already experienced, made me feel very bad », she writes on Twitter.

Emma and Laura Pausini are lapidary

Laura Pausini leave your message on Instagram in three languages: Italian, English and Spanish. «At this point I wonder if someone instead of studying history at school stayed at home playing Risk. However, life is not a game and one really can no longer tolerate this world that teaches nothing but hate. Who like me has had to explain to a child that they have strength and courage in these two years of the pandemic, what can he explain today when he comes back from school and sees these images? ».

Lapidary but effective Emma Brown. Who on an Instagram Story posts a photo of the bombing in Ukraine with the caption “Good morning shit”.



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