Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today: Putin towards the annexation of Donbass

Last day of the referendum in Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. As he prepares to proclaim the annexation of the four regions, Putin once again challenges the United States by granting Russian citizenship to Edward Snowden, the man who revealed the secret mass surveillance programs of the American and British governments. Domestically, the Kremlin faces growing protests against military mobilization. To escape enlistment, 260,000 Russians have already left the country

The war in Ukraine, global tensions: what you need to know

Live news from the Ukraine-Russia conflict

Key points

  • Kiev: missiles on Zaporizhzhia
  • Kiev: Mykolaiv “heavily” bombed

Leaks in the NordStream1 and 2 gas pipelines, Warsaw accuses Russia

Warsaw points the finger at Moscow for the three gas leaks discovered along the NordStream 1 and NordStream 2 pipelines. For the Polish authorities this would be a Russian provocation: “Unfortunately, our neighbor constantly pursues an aggressive policy. If he is capable of one. aggressive military policy in Ukraine it is obvious that no provocation can be ruled out, even … in Western Europe, “said Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz.

In the Baltic Sea, two gas leaks from the Nord Stream 1 pipeline between Russia and Germany

The Nord Stream 1 pipeline connecting Russia to Germany was affected by two gas leaks in the Baltic Sea. The Danish and Swedish authorities sounded the alarm the day after the announcement of another leak from the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. operational as a result of the war in Ukraine. But both were still full of gasoline and contained gas under pressure. Nord Stream Ag, the network operator, reported for its part that three pipelines of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines suffered “unprecedented” damage in a single day. And he explained that it is impossible to estimate when the ability of the two to function can be restored.

No film presented at the Academy Awards from Moscow, director Chukrai, president of the Russian Commission, resigns

The chair of Russia’s Oscar nomination commission has resigned, a state news agency reported Tuesday after the country decided not to submit a film to the 2022 Academy Awards. published by TASS, Pavel Chukhrai, whose film “The Thief” was nominated for an Oscar in 1997, wrote that the country’s Film Academy had unilaterally decided not to nominate a film without consulting it. Describing the decision as “illegal”, Chukhrai said he would withdraw. Another committee member also resigned in protest, he said. The Russia Film Academy did not explain why it did not present a film to the Oscars. In his statement, however, he stressed that Chukhrai was the president, without giving further details. The Russian Oscars Commission decides which film to propose for the prestigious award for Best International Film, formerly known as Best Foreign Language Film. Russia last won the award in 1994 with “Burnt by the Sun,” about a Red Army officer and his wife struck by the return of a former lover during Stalin’s purge in 1936. The last two films Russians nominated for best international feature film were “Leviathan” and “Loveless”, in 2014 and 2017, by Andrey Zviaginstev, one of the few directors who tackles political issues in his films.

A Russian recruiting office on the border with Georgia, “given the increased outbound traffic”

In North Ossetia, the Russian republic on the border with Georgia, a checkpoint will soon be set up for the control and recruitment of those who try to leave Russia by land to escape the mobilization decided by the Kremlin. The Georgian Interior Ministry announced on Telegram. The enlistment office will be set up at the checkpoint at the Verkhny Lars crossing. The decision, the Russian agencies write, was taken “against the background of the significant increase in traffic” in the area.

Kazakhstan: we will protect the Russians fleeing from recruitment

The Kazakh president assured Tuesday that his country will protect Russians fleeing to Kazakhstan to escape the ongoing military mobilization in Russia to send reinforcements to fight in Ukraine. “In recent days, many people have come to us from Russia. Most are forced to leave due to a desperate situation,” said Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. “We must take care of them, guarantee their safety,” added this Moscow ally, who has distanced himself from the Kremlin from the Russian offensive in Ukraine. The Kazakh president once again condemned the conflict in Ukraine and called for territorial integrity to be respected at a time when Russia is organizing so-called referendums in four Ukrainian regions to annex them. “The territorial integrity of a state must be inalienable, it is a fundamental principle”, he recalled. “A great war is going on in our immediate vicinity. We must remember this, thinking above all of our safety,” added Tokayev. An ally of Russia and in particular a member of an economic and customs union, Kazakhstan, a former Soviet republic of Central Asia, nonetheless also cultivates good relations with the West and China. Moscow’s offensive against Ukraine has raised fears in some Kazakhs that it will also become the target of Russian ambitions, particularly due to its long border with Russia and its large Russian ethnic minority. In the Caucasus, on the border with Georgia, the authorities of the Russian region of North Ossetia have admitted a “tense situation” at the Verkhni Lars checkpoint.

Russians queuing at the Finnish border

Russians queuing at the Finnish border (afp)

Medvedev: “We have the right to use nuclear weapons if necessary”

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said – according to reports from the Ria Novosti agency – that “Russia has the right to use nuclear weapons if necessary”. He then added: “It is not a bluff”, thus echoing the words of President Vladimir Putin that he had warned that Moscow is ready to use any means to defend itself from attacks and that “it is not a bluff”. Medvedev believes that even if Russia is forced to use the most terrible weapon against Kiev, “NATO will not directly interfere in the conflict”.


Russia: 50% turnout exceeded, referendums valid

Russia has announced the “validity” of referendums for the annexation of the four territories occupied by Russia to Ukraine. According to reports from the Russian news agency Taxin fact, the quorum of 50% of voters has already been exceeded. In particular, on Monday 26 the turnout was 86.89% in the Donetsk region, 83.61% in Luhansk, 63.58% in Kherson and 66.43% in Zaporizhia.

Kiev: tense situation at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant

“The situation in the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant is tense. The employees do not want to cooperate with the Russians and are trying to leave the territories temporarily occupied by the armed forces of Moscow. The occupied part of the Kherson region is completely closed in and out.” The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine writes on Facebook in the usual 6 o’clock message on the military situation.

Kiev: Russian barge destroyed near Kherson

The Ukrainian army destroyed a Russian military barge and three Pantsir missile systems. The barge was hit near Kherson as Moscow troops attempted to create a bridge between the banks of the Dnipro River. This was reported by the southern operational command of Ukraine as reported by the Kiev Indipendent.

Kiev: missiles on Zaporizhzhia

“The enemy attacked Zaporizhzhia. The rockets were aimed at the infrastructure, which was hit. Information on possible casualties and damage is being clarified.” The head of the Zaporizhzhia regional military administration, Oleksandr Starukh, writes on Telegram. The air attack alarm went off around 5 am local time (4 am in Italy) and immediately after – as reported on social media – numerous explosions were heard in the city.

Kiev: Mykolaiv “heavily” bombed

The city of Mykolaiv was “heavily” bombed during the night. Mayor Oleksandr Senkevych reported this on Telegram, specifying that the attacks were two and affected different areas of the city. “Civilian buildings, particularly residential structures and shops, as well as the water supply network were damaged.”

Russia, shooting at a school in Irkutsk where recruitment operations were taking place

Kiev: land corridors for grain also important for safety reasons

“Given the unpredictability of the Russian Federation and its behavior in the Black Sea, the ‘corridors of solidarity’ created on the land routes between Ukraine and the EU remain extremely important not only for commercial interests, but also for security reasons” . This was stated – as reported by Ukrinform – by the Ukrainian Minister of Agricultural Policies and Food, Mykola Solskyi, at a press conference in Brussels. Solskyi also stressed that the corridors will remain of vital importance “even after the end of the war, after the victory” of Ukraine.

Russia: the UN takes a more balanced position

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin, during an interview with United Nations Deputy Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Peace-building Rosemary DiCarlo, called on the UN to take a more balanced and impartial line towards Ukraine. This was reported by the permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations.

Kiev: Russian attack on Kryvyi Rih, airport destroyed

“A Russian attack took place this evening in Kryvyi Rih (southern Ukraine): the Russians hit the airport with a Kh-59 missile. The infrastructure was destroyed”. This is what Valentyn Reznichenko, head of the regional military administration reports on social media, adding that no people were injured in the attack.

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