Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Zelensky asks the EU for restrictions on Russian visas. Blinken: “Moscow respects the rights of prisoners”

Volodomyr Zelensky calls on the European Union to impose visa restrictions on Russian citizens. “I thank the Czech Republic, the Baltic states and other countries that have raised the issue of visas for citizens of a terrorist state,” he said. Yesterday Prague, which holds the rotating presidency of the EU, said it was in favor of blocking visas. Meanwhile, Moscow warns Washington: “The consequences if it declares Russia a sponsor of terrorism will be very serious”. While the US Secretary of State Blinken calls the Russians to respect the rights of prisoners. Still alarm in Zaporizhzhia after the new bombings that hit the area around the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. And tonight bombs on the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Blinken (Usa): “Worried about pro-Russian accusations against foreigners”

The United States expresses concern over reports of indictments of British, Swedish and Croatian prisoners of war by “illegitimate pro-Russian authorities in eastern Ukraine”. Speaking is Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Twitter: “We are concerned about news of British, Swedish and Croatian citizens being indicted by illegitimate authorities in eastern Ukraine. Russia and its supporters have an obligation to comply with international humanitarian laws, including rights and protections for prisoners of war “.

Zelensky: “Russian terror wants to break our internal strength”

“The Russian terror mainly aims to break our internal strength. They cannot do anything to us on the battlefield. Our defenders are very strong. You and I should be equally strong”: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky writes on Telegram, publishing photos of Ukrainian soldiers and residential buildings destroyed by Russian attacks.


Moscow confirms possible exchange of prisoners with the US

For the first time, Moscow has officially confirmed the ongoing negotiations with the United States for a prisoner exchange that would see Washington hand over Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout in exchange for basketball player Brittney Griner and ex-military Paul Wehlan. “These names are actually being considered, Russia has been pursuing the release of Viktor Bout for a long time,” said the head of North America at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Darchiev, in an interview with Tass. “Talks on the very sensitive issue of an exchange are being conducted through the channels designated by our presidents,” the senior official added.

Kiev: 43,400 Russian soldiers killed

About 43,400 Russian soldiers have been killed since the invasion of Ukraine on 24 February. This is what the daily bulletin of the Ukrainian General Staff affirms, underlining that only yesterday 200 military opponents died.

Moscow: “Terrorism sponsorship declaration would be a point of no return”

Russia warns the United States that if it is included in the list of countries considered by the State Department as sponsors of terrorism, this would be “a point of no return”.
This was stated in an interview with TASS by the director of the North America department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Darchiev.

“I would like to mention the legislative initiative currently under discussion in the US Congress to declare Russia a sponsor country of terrorism – he said – if it is approved, it will mean that Washington will have passed a point of no return, with the most serious collateral damage to diplomatic relations. , with their reduction or even a break “.

Kiev: 711 children injured since the beginning of the conflict

The number of children injured in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion has increased to at least 711 in the last 24 hours, while the death toll has remained unchanged at 361: the office of the Kyiv Attorney General, according to Ukrinform.

Di Maio: “Agreement on wheat is the first good sign”

The wheat agreement between Ukraine and Russia on the initiative of Turkey is a first good starting signal, “a first ship of wheat has already arrived in Ravenna”, remembers Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, speaking to Radio Capital.
“For the agreement on wheat – he adds – there was a commitment from everyone and this is a good sign. But I would like to underline that for me the Ukrainians are especially to be thanked because it must not be easy to agree to make an agreement with who has been bombarding you every day for months after having unjustly attacked you by invading your borders “.

Ship with corn in Ravenna, unloading operations

The commercial operations of the Rojen, the cargo ship flying the Maltese flag and loading of 15 thousand tons of corn seeds destined for feed for livestock, are underway at the port of Ravenna, ‘Cereali’ quay, which left Chornomorsk, near Odessa, on the 5th August, as part of trade agreements that reopen exports from Ukraine. The operations will last approximately 30 hours.


Kiev calls for dispatch of experts to punish Russian war criminals

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov has appealed to countries participating in the Ukraine Defense Contact Group (known as the ‘Ramstein format’) to send experts to Ukraine in order to punish Russian war criminals. Reznikov himself made it known on Facebook, according to Ukrinform.

Kiev: 43,400 Russian soldiers killed so far

About 43,400 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine since the invasion began, according to the Kiev armed forces. In its update on the losses suffered by Moscow so far, the Ukrainian army indicates that 233 fighters, 193 helicopters and 779 drones have also been shot down. The Kyiv Independent reports it. In addition, the Kiev forces claim to have destroyed 1,856 Russian tanks, 978 artillery systems, 4,115 armored personnel carriers and 15 ships.

Gb: two bridges over the Dnieper unusable for Russian forces

It is probable that the two bridges that connect the two southern banks of the Dnieper River, following the damage inflicted by Ukrainian bombings, are no longer usable for the movement of military vehicles and equipment of the Russian forces occupying the Kherson region. This is what we read in the latest British military intelligence bulletin.

Bombing of Dnipropetrovsk

The new Russian bombing of the Dnipropetrovsk region did not cause any injuries. Governor Valentyn Reznichenko reported this. According to Reznichenko, Grad rocket launchers fired thirty shells on residential areas of Nikopolskyi and Kryvorizkyi districts and damaged 25 buildings.


Blinken in Moscow: “Respect the rights of prisoners”

US Secretary of State Blinken says he is concerned about the humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine, under Russian occupation. “Moscow has a duty to respect prisoners of war”.


Moscow to the US: “We sponsors of terrorism? Risk of rupture”

Moscow says US relations would be at risk of breaking up if Russia were branded as a sponsor of terrorism. A senior foreign ministry official, Alexander Darchiyev, told TASS, referring to a legislative initiative under consideration by the Senate.

Zelensky: “Terrorist Russia, the EU imposes restrictions on visas”

“After all that the occupiers have done in Ukraine, Russia can only be considered a terrorist state,” said President Volodymyr Zelensky. “I thank the Czech Republic, the Baltic States and other countries who have officially brought the discussion in Europe on the issue of visas”. And he called on the EU to impose restrictions: “Europe cannot be a supermarket”.

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