Ukraine – Russia, news on the war today 13 August

It is the 171th day of the war in Ukraine. «I spoke to the Pope about the horrible crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine. Spiritual leaders must let the world know the truth, ”Volodymyr Zelensky explained yesterday. While the eyes of the world remain focused on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, targeted by new bombings, insults between Russia and Ukraine fly on the plant, which the parties accuse each other of bombing risking a catastrophe. And Russia reiterates that it will not leave control of the plant, but continues to say it is ready to organize a visit by the IAEA inspectors to the site.

In the meantime, sophisticated Western weapons continue to arrive in Ukraine. The promised additional M270 Mlrs multiple rocket launchers have been delivered from the UK. And, in its daily update, British intelligence says that the loss of eight fighter jets from explosions at Russia’s Saky base in Crimea has “significantly reduced” the aeronautical capability of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet.
New Russian bombing of civilian areas was reported by the Ukrainian authorities. In particular in the north-eastern region of Kharkiv, where one dead and three injured, including a child, are reported.

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Updates hour by hour
13.16 – Kiev, 43 thousand Russian soldiers killed
About 43,400 Russian soldiers have been killed since the invasion of Ukraine on 24 February. This is what the daily bulletin of the Ukrainian General Staff affirms, underlining that only yesterday 200 military opponents died. As for weapons, the Ukrainians claim to have destroyed a total of 1,856 (+7) tanks, 4,115 (+7) armored combat vehicles, 978 (+3) artillery systems, 261 (+0) multiple rocket launchers, 136 (+0) air defense systems, 233 (+0) fighter planes, 193 (+0) helicopters, 779 (+1) drones, (+2) cruise missiles, 15 (+0) ships and boats, 3,036 (+15) trucks and tankers, and 91 (+1) pieces of special equipment

12.40 – Moscow, point of no return if we are declared sponsors of terrorism
“If the United States Congress approves the text declaring Russia the ‘sponsor state of terrorism’ for the invasion of Ukraine, the” tipping point “in relations between Washington and Moscow will be reached”. This was stated in an interview with Tass by the director of the North American department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Darchiev. “I would not like to go into hypothetical discussions about what is possible and what is not in the current turbulent situation, now that Westerners, led by the United States, have trampled on international law and the absolute taboos of diplomatic practice”, he said. Darchiev. “In this context, I will cite the legislative initiative currently under discussion in Congress to declare Russia a” sponsor country of terrorism “, the senior official continues,” if it is implemented, it will mean that Washington has crossed the point of no return with very serious damage to bilateral diplomatic relations that could go as far as downgrading and even breaking “.” The American counterpart has been warned “, concludes Darchiev.

11.32 – 2 ships with cereals left for Turkey
Two ships loaded with sunflower seeds and corn left Ukraine today for Turkey, the Turkish Defense Ministry said, according to international media. The Barbadian-flagged Fulmar ship, carrying 12,000 tons of corn, has left the port of Chornomorsk for Iskenderun. The other ship, the Thoe, flying the flag of the Marshall Islands, left the same port with 3,000 tons of sunflower seeds, bound for Tekirdag in northwestern Turkey.

10.58 – Kiev, 5 civilians killed in Russian bombing of Donetsk
Russian bombing of the Donetsk region caused the death of five civilians and the wounding of 35 others. The governor of the Oblast area still under Ukrainian control, Pavlo Kyrylenko, reports on Telegram

10.42 – Kiev accuses Russians of blocking access to medicines
The Ukrainian health minister accused Russian authorities of committing a crime against humanity by blocking access to affordable medicines in the areas his forces have occupied since they invaded the country 5 and a half months ago. In an interview with the Associated Press, Ukrainian Health Minister Viktor Liashko said Russian authorities have repeatedly blocked efforts to provide state-subsidized drugs to people in occupied cities, towns and villages. The World Health Organization says it has recorded 445 attacks on Ukrainian hospitals and other health facilities since August 11 that directly resulted in 86 deaths and 105 injuries. But Liashko said the much higher death toll from damaged roads and bridges delaying ambulances “cannot be calculated.”

09.44 – First ship of grain in Ravenna, unloading operations will last 30 hours
The commercial operations of the Rojen, the cargo ship flying the Maltese flag and loading of 15 thousand tons of corn seeds destined for feed for livestock, are underway at the port of Ravenna, ‘Cereali’ quay, which left Chornomorsk, near Odessa, on the 5th August, as part of trade agreements that reopen exports from Ukraine. The cargo arrived at anchor in Ravenna yesterday morning but the mooring on the quay only took place in the late evening due to the operations of another ship that were slowed down by bad weather

8.17 – Uk intelligence: two road bridges to the territory occupied by Russia in the Kherson oblast are out of order

The two main road bridges giving access to the pocket of Russian-occupied territory on the west bank of Dnipro in Kherson Oblast are now likely out of use for the purposes of substantial military resupply, British military intelligence said Saturday. Even if Russia manages to significantly repair the bridges, they will remain a key vulnerability, the UK Defense Ministry said in an intelligence update. With their supply chain constrained, the size of the stocks Russia has managed to establish on the western side will likely be a key factor in how long the Russians hold up.

00.40 – Moscow: relations with the United States at risk if Russia declared sponsor of terrorism
Russia told the United States that bilateral diplomatic relations would be severely damaged and could even be severed if Russia were declared a sponsor state of terrorism. A senior official told Tass on Friday. Alexander Darchiyev, head of the North American department of the Russian foreign ministry, said that if US senators were able to pass a law like that, it would mean that Washington would cross the point of no return.

00.03 – Zelensky: terrorist Russia, good idea to stop EU visas
“After all that the occupiers have done in Ukraine, there can be only one attitude towards Russia, a terrorist state” and “I thank the Czech Republic, the Baltic states and the European countries, who have brought up the issue of visas for citizens of the terrorist state at the official level of discussion in the European Union ‘. This was stated by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, in his evening video message. “There must be a guarantee that Russian killers and state terror facilitators do not use Schengen,” he added, referring to the European free movement area. “We cannot destroy the very idea of ​​Europe, our common European values, that is, we cannot turn Europe into a supermarket where no matter who enters and where the main thing is that a person simply pays for the goods”, concluded Zelensky.

00.01 – Pentagon: Kiev forces make progress in the north and south
Ukrainian forces have made “some progress” in the north and south of the country. This was stated by a senior Pentagon official, reporting that in the north the Ukrainian forces have “advanced” into the territories recaptured by the Russians, including some areas near Kharkiv. In Kherson, the forces of Kiev continue to “keep under severe pressure”. Moscow troops. An example of this pressure is the damage inflicted on some bridges used by the Russians. The bombing carried out by the Ukrainians against the Russian air base of Saki in Crimea, the Pentagon official said, had a “significant impact” on Russian air capabilities and personnel. The Army Tactical Missile System ‘was not used for the bombing, a system that the US did not provide to Kiev. The system can hit up to 300 kilometers away, a range greater than that of the Himars systems that the US has supplied to Ukraine.

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