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The latest news in real time. The war between Russia and Ukraine on the 17th day. After Mariupol, Dnipro and Lutsk were also attacked. Zelensky: European Union? It has to do more. Putin: There is progress in the talks

• Air strikes were conducted yesterday on Lutsk, a city in northwestern Ukraine not far from the border with Poland. Russian bombings also in Dnipro.
• The Russian convoy that remained stationary for days on the road to Kiev repositioned itself in the forests: according to analysts, the artillery pieces are raised in firing position, and would therefore be a positioning that is a prelude to the attack on the capital.
• The Ukrainian Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security yesterday spoke of a possible attack by Belarusian troops at 9 pm, 8 pm in Italy.
• Clash at the Security Council: Moscow denounces an American-Ukrainian plot to spread biological weapons.

• The Kremlin did not rule out a Putin-Zelensky meeting. While the Russian leader spoke of positive changes in the negotiations, Ukrainian Defense Minister Kuleba spoke of zero progress
• The two-day summit in Versailles, which brought together EU leaders, closed on Friday evening. Never seen the EU so compact, said Draghi.

• More than 2.3 million people have already fled Ukraine.


The US president, Joe Biden, had a 49-minute phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, explaining the new sanctions decided by Washington against Russia. This was reported by CNN, explaining that the tenant of the White House wanted to emphasize how the United States is moving to suspend normal commercial relations with Moscow. Zelensky tweeted that he gave Biden an assessment of the situation on the battlefield and informed him of Russia’s crimes against the civilian population. The two leaders, Zelensky said, agreed on further steps in support of Ukraine’s defense and on increasing sanctions against Russia.


The United States remains concerned about Russia’s reckless actions and violations of nuclear safety principles. This was stated by the American Minister of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, stressing that the fact that Moscow is violating the principles of unacceptable security and the attacks that endanger the security in Ukraine and beyond must stop.

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Russia has expanded its military offensive in Ukraine, striking for the first time near airports in the west of the country, on the day – Friday 11 March – Russian President Vladimir Putin announced positive changes in the negotiations, immediately denied for by Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky. The siege of the capital continues, but in 16 days of war, Moscow has not yet entered the capital while it has announced that it has taken control of some neighborhoods of Mariupol, still besieged and where the humanitarian situation remains dramatic.

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