Ukraine Russia, news on today’s war | The Moscow army is in retreat, but in the night the Russians bomb the Ukrainian cities

from Lorenzo Cremonesi, Marta Serafini and Paolo Foschi

The news of Wednesday 5 October, live | Kiev: Torture chamber discovered in Pisky-Radkivski

• The war in Ukraine has reached its 224th day.
• Putin is reportedly preparing his armed forces to carry out a nuclear test on Ukraine’s borders. The Times writes it. The Kremlin: We do not participate in the nuclear rhetoric of the Western media and politicians.
• On the diplomatic front, Zelensky signs the decree on the impossibility of negotiating with Putin.
• The Kiev army advances into Kherson. In the Russian media the first cracks on the yield.
• Forbes: between 700,000 and 1 million people left Russia after the mobilization.
• Elon Musk and the peace plan for Ukraine (which infuriates Kiev): Crimea to Russia, repeat referendums in Donbass
• Gas, is Italy in danger of a winter without energy? Demand, storage, supplies: what to know.

05:26 – THE MILITARY POINT – The US dilemma: how to support Kiev now

(Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olimpio) The Ukrainian ride places gods dilemmas in Washington. How to sustain the favorable phase and, at the same time, avoid accentuating the contrast with Moscow between apocalyptic scenarios, real threats and bluffs. Kiev – tells the Cnn he insists on having Atacms ammunition which would allow it to hit targets at a distance of 300 kilometers, a significant extension compared to the current 80 (maximum range for the rockets supplied to the Himars). To convince the Pentagon, the Ukrainians have formulated a proposal: we are ready to share target lists with you, this to give reassurance that the weapons would not be used against Russian territory. The White House has so far vetoed it precisely because it is afraid of unleashing war reactions massive by the Kremlin. The resistance relaunches the appeal stating that with the Atacms it can affect the enemy rear in a more profound way and also mentions the installations from which the drone-kamikaze supplied by Iran depart, a medium that has increasingly appeared with greater frequency. In reality, this last detail looks more like a pretext than a necessity. At the moment, the US position does not seem to have changed and therefore the Ukrainian president Zelensky – barring surprises linked to developments on the ground – will not have the special ammunition. Instead he will receive another four Himars launchers and 200 Mrap armored vehicles, 16 155 mm guns (with 85 thousand bullets, of which 500 are precision), as many 105 mm guns, thousands of mortar grenades and 200 thousand cartridges. Not a compensation, but a maintenance of the arsenal as the resistance advances and consumes. The need to replenish stocks is evident.

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05:26 – Nuclear escalation and the three possible scenarios

(Greta Privitera) On the homepage of the The Times
, between the news of Prime Minister Liz Truss and the photo of a giant penguin, there is a headline that makes you shiver. Still no confirmation, but it reads: Putin orders a nuclear exercise on the border with Ukraine.
In the London newspaper they write that the Russian president would be ready to demonstrate his will to use weapons of mass destruction with a nuclear test. The Kremlin is said to be showing the possibility of a significant escalation as its army loses ground on the battlefield, they say.
Other sources tell of a Russian military train of the nuclear division that would leave for Ukraine
There are currently no definitive confirmations; and Putin may be bluffing. That this – after the speech delivered during the annexation ceremony of the occupied territories in which he said he would use all available means to keep Russia safe, and the continuing Ukrainian counter-offensives – the tsar is only trying to raise his tone to scare the enemies. But what are the possible scenarios?

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05:25 – This is why the US rejected tactical nuclear bombs

(Federico Rampini) Vladimir Putin could use tactical nuclear weapons on the Ukrainian front? What are the pros and cons, according to the analysis of American experts? It was precisely the Pentagon the first to believe in the usefulness of tactical nuclear weapons in a conflict: small, with a fraction of power compared to the Hiroshima atomic bomb, therefore really tiny compared to the next generation nuclear devices that can destroy entire cities. Still capable of emitting radiation, with a deadly impact on health, in the short and long term. Tactics
, because they can be used on the battlefield against enemy troops. The Americans conceived them mainly from the point of view of a European conflict, in which the superiority of the Soviet Union in conventional armaments would allow the Red Army to spread to Europe, and the US would have to retreat.

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05:24 – The Ukrainian advance cannot be stopped, the Russians are like stunned boxers

(Lorenzo Cremonesi, sent to Sloviansk) S.i is fast approaching the collapse of the Russian conventional army in Ukraine. And he explains, at least in part, the reasons that push Vladimir Putin to stir up the bugbear of the nuclear weapon a few days after his declaration of annexation of the areas occupied after February 24 and now seriously threatened by the massive Ukrainian counter-offensive. About 30,000 Russian soldiers are at risk of being surrounded in the Kherson enclave. Their units are hastily retreating from the northern sectors of the region they had occupied since mid-March, when they were still under the illusion that they could reach Odessa along the Black Sea and then march victorious on Kiev to join the expeditionary corps descending from the north, eliminate with the force the Zelensky government and ultimately restore Ukraine to the status of a vassal state of Moscow. Ukrainian elite corps continue to advance along the Dnipro. They are now over 40 kilometers from the starting lines, they have already passed the village of Dudchany; last night they traveled another 5 kilometers to dribble a bridge blown up by fleeing enemies and could soon close the Kherson pocket towards the Dnipro estuary to the Black Sea. The advances could in the next few hours guarantee the Himars missile launchers to strike the great Chaplynka air base, which from early April allowed Russian fighters to cover the entire southern front, depriving the enemy of the indispensable control of the air. At that point they can target Crimea by land.

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05:22 – Russian attack in the Kiev region with kamikaze drones, one injured

Russian forces attacked the Kiev region last night with kamikaze drones that hit the city of Bila Tserkva, 85 kilometers south of the capital: the governor of the region, Oleksiy Kuleba, has announced, according to reports from the Kiev Independent. According to the governor, one person was injured and an infrastructure caught fire following the attack. Rescue operations are underway, while Kuleba urged residents to stay in shelters.

05:22 – Russian missiles on Kharkiv in the night

Russian forces last night launched a missile attack against the city of Kharkiv, in eastern Ukraine, hitting some infrastructures and industrial targets in the Kholodnohirskyi and Novobavarskyi districts, the mayor, Ihor Terekhov, reported the Kiev Independent. . There is currently no information on any injuries or victims.

05:19 – Russian army in retreat, Putin threatens an atomic test

(Marta Serafini, sent to Kharkiv) A nuclear test on the borders of Ukraine? A nuclear weapon in the Black Sea? A test for the Poseidon nuclear torpedo? Questions that alone can unleash terror. the Times to put them in black and white on the same day that the breakthrough of Ukrainian forces in the Kherson region, the gateway to Crimea and between the areas annexed by the Moscow referendum, becomes reality: the Russian president Vladimir Putin intends to demonstrate his determination to use weapons of mass destruction carrying out a nuclear test on the border with Ukraine. And – adds the London daily – the risk has already been reported by NATO to its member countries in a military intelligence report.

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05:15 – Kiev: Discovery of a torture chamber in Pisky-Radkivski

Ukrainian police said they discovered a torture chamber in the previously Russian-occupied city of Pisky-Radkivski in the eastern Kharkiv region. Among the objects found, according to the police, was a container full of extracted gold teeth. After the liberation of Pisky-Radkivski village, local residents told police that local resident prisoners, counter-terrorism soldiers and Ukrainian military prisoners of war were being held in the basement of one of the houses, said Serhiy Bolvinov, chief investigator. of the national police in the Kharkiv region. Bolvinov added that local residents heard constant screams coming from the building.

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