Ukraine, Russia notifies the US of the start of nuclear exercises

Russia has notified the United States of the forthcoming start of Grom military exercises, which also involve strategic nuclear forces and missile launches. This was announced by the Pentagon, CNN reports, underlining that these are routine annual exercises. Last week, the US defense said it expected the exercises to start but had not yet received notification.

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Last week, the United States and NATO conducted the annual Steadfast noon nuclear exercises.

Russia, administrative officials fleeing mobilization

Numerous male employees and officials of the federal administration and the city of Moscow have left Russia to avoid being mobilized to fight in Ukraine. This is written by the Russian website Vyorstka, according to which in some departments of the Moscow municipal administration 20-30% of male employees have left.

The exodus has paralyzed the work of several municipal departments, including health, education and housing. The shortage of staff is also felt in institutions subordinated to federal ministries. Many IT specialists have fled to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Several administrative employees, especially at the lower levels, were afraid of being recalled because they were considered unnecessary. Last week, news of the death of Aleksey Martynov, 28-year-old head of a Moscow municipal department, caused panic among colleagues, killed in Ukraine after being mobilized on 23 September.

Kadyrov: “Russian conscripts do not complain about poor equipment”

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov lashed out at Russian conscripts who complain of poor equipment, thus confirming the existence of the problem. “The conscripts film videos where they complain about the lack of one thing or the other, the lack of rifles, the old rifles, the unsuitable uniforms. But on the other hand, the enemy has good weapons, good uniforms. We have to get them. . We must not whine. Our state and our president need us, “Kadyrov wrote on Telegram, quoted by Ukrainska Pravda.

Among the staunchest supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine, Kadyrov said he was certain that the Russian army will have great success.

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