Ukraine. Russian army near the border. US General Mark Milley on “disturbing data”

America’s highest-ranking commander, General Mark Milley, stated that the United States had enough signals to consider Russia’s military activity around Ukraine very disturbing. Ukraine’s sovereignty is important to the US and NATO allies, said the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

– If there were any open, aggressive military actions by Russia against a country that has been independent since 1991, it would be a question that would significantly affect the national security of the USA and NATO members – said the highest-ranking American military, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley. The general refused to speculate on specific measures the US might consider taking in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Milley also did not provide his estimates of the number of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border, but suggested that his concerns extend beyond military numbers alone. – I will not tell you exactly what the data disturbing from the intelligence point say and what exactly we are tracking, but we are monitoring everything – he told reporters.

I won’t tell you exactly what the data from the intelligence point are disturbing tell you and what exactly we are tracking, but we are monitoring everything

The general also did not respond directly to suggestions that Russian President Vladimir Putin may have been emboldened by the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan in August this year. – It would be a mistake for any country to draw far-reaching strategic conclusions based on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and automatically translate this event into other situations – he stressed. He also cited historical examples of the actions of US presidents who withdrew units from some regions of the world while deciding to take military action in others.

Exercises of the Russian armored

Concentration of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine

In the second half of November, Kyryło Budanov, the head of the main intelligence board of the Ukrainian defense ministry, told the US Military Times that Russia was preparing an attack on Ukraine from several directions in early 2022 and concentrated around 92,000 soldiers.

According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, “every day” there is a possibility of escalation or large-scale incursion by Russia and the militants it supports. However, in his opinion, “the current situation is certainly not worse than in spring”.

Main photo source: OLIVIER DOULIERY / EPA / PAP

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