Ukraine, Sallusti-Di Battista dispute at La7. “You think like Berlusconi. Why didn’t he run for Forza Italia?”. “I am clean”

Hot clash a “Tuesday” (La7) between Alessandro Di Battista and the director of Free Alessandro Sallusti on the war in Ukraine. The journalist accuses the former deputy of the M5s to feel “disgusting” for the Ukrainians, by virtue of his pacifist positions: “But to you who are fighting for the freedom of all the peoples of the world, why are the Ukrainian people so on the balls? Does it disgust you? Isn’t it a people worthy of freedom? ”.
“This is one nonsense – replies Di Battista – It is evident that the Ukrainian people have every right to resist, but speaking today of resistance and the struggle for freedom on the Italian side is rhetoric. Ukrainians have the right to do whatever they want, but also the counter-offensive, which makes some cheer columnist with the Ikea living room helmet who on his sofa talks about the goodness of the counter-offensive, is causing the death of thousands of Ukrainians, mostly young people. Putin is mobilizing 300,000 men, who are boys often from the poorest Russian regions and who are sent to die at the front ”.

Di Battista reiterates that most Italians do not want a war “which is not ours” and which is causing enormous damage to Europe.
Sallusti insists: “I don’t understand why you travel the world and then write books and reports on the misfortunes in the most remote places. What happens in Nicaragua, in South America, in Africa is not an Italian problem. But why do you care for children dying in Africa? It’s not our problem, you know? They are their problems. I understand that he has taken this position and that he is invited on TV because he says these things ”.
“I suggest you a little more respect – replies Di Battista – You too are invited for your positions, which are different from mine, but I do not allow myself to say that you are invited on TV for certain ideas”.

Di Battista then reads a statement by Berlusconi in favor of a European peace proposal and the need for Ukrainians to accept requests for Putin. And she observes: “If I had said this, she would have accused me of winking at Putin and hating Ukrainians. In short, she would have done rhetoric in packs. But since this sentence was pronounced on 20 May by Berlusconi, she is silent – she adds – The difference between you and me is that I always have the same line, you change it depending on the interlocutor. If she had had in front of Berlusconi who said this sentence, she would have stood at attention and would have applauded him.. But please. Enough of this obscene rhetoric ”.
“I’m glad that he thinks like Berlusconi – replies Sallusti – You should apply for Forza Italia. I don’t understand why she didn’t do it“.
Because I am clean unlike him. In Forza Italia they do not apply for me because I have a clean criminal record. Is that clear? ”, Di Battista glosses.


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