Ukraine, the Himars under the veto of Washington, Moscow launches an Iranian spy satellite –

The military notebook of the war in Ukraine dedicated to the international front, a crucial aspect linked to the great diplomatic maneuvers of Russia and Ukraine, supported by their respective friends

The military notebook dedicated to the international fronta crucial aspect linked to great diplomatic maneuvers of the contenders supported by their respective friends.

The role of Iran

Russia is about to launch a spy satellite for Iran. Except that – reveals the Washington Post – it will be used for a time by the Russians for military purposes. His area of ​​focus is likely to be Ukraine. To bring it into orbit a Soyuz carrier that will use the ramp of the Baykonur space center, Kazakhstan. A further sign of the collaboration between the two allies, after news of the possible arrival of Iranian drones on the battlefield. interesting to underline in this regard how from the United States, rumors on the Moscow-Tehran axis are more intense, also a reflection of the nuclear match. a board game that holds everything together. And not just because the Americans want it.

Western aid

Still talking about drones. Japan will send a stock of aircraft to Kiev, means for surveillance and reconnaissance. There will also be vehicles for the army in the aid package. Another message from Canada, one of the countries most determined to support the resistance. The government has announced the departure of about 225 soldiers for Great Britain, where they will take care of the training of Ukrainians. In recent months, NATO has intensified the preparation of Zelensky’s troops in a number of countries, among them Poland, the most important rear. In fact, to increase the shield, a formation of American F-22 fighters arrived at the Lansk base. North Macedonia, on the other hand, surrendered 4 of its Su-25 ground attack aircrafthe had bought them from Kiev in 2001. A gesture of solidarity.

Power of veto

Washington would have some sort of veto power on targets of Himars long-range rocket launchers shipped to the Ukrainians. The hypothesis arises from the statements made by the number two of intelligence, General Vadym Skibitsky, al Daily Telegraph. According to the senior official, the US provides precise information to help the shots but there would also be consultations that would make it possible to avoid certain targets. The veto not mentioned explicitly, however – according to some interpretations – exists. Going beyond the specific case, I note that the White House has, for now, set limits on war objectives. The delay in the supply of the Himars (and also the quantity) was explained precisely with the desire not to make relations with Moscow even more tense, the same reason for the failure to send ammunition with a range of 300 kilometers for fear of actions on the territory Russian. However, prudence did not prevent the Kremlin from using the presence of systems with large capacities in the opponent’s hand to denounce America’s direct involvement in the conflict. A final note. It has been said by experts that the Himars are certainly not the weapon capable of drastically changing the war picture on their own: this is normal, however they have had an impact on operations and have become a political issue. Ukrainians emphasized its effectiveness with a continuous narrativethe Russians confirmed it by echoing the enemy.

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