Ukraine, with Putin negotiations an escape route is created. But I’m afraid ‘laughter will bury you’

The Dark Lord of Moscow sends thousands of soldiers to die to kill thousands of Ukrainians (even children? “C’est la guerre, mon bonhomme! “). While it’s there, it demolishes whatever comes within range. Ah, these Ukrainians: did they think they could get away with it? Well-being, freedom, Europe… Don’t they give up? Do they do economic sanctions? Putin threatens it nuclear war for the second time in 15 days. It’s a fixation! Then it is really dangerous!

Putin’s motives

He has three offers, fake:

1. “De-Nazify” Ukraine;

2. stop the “genocide” in Donbass;

3. prevent the enlargement of the Born.

Then one evening, perhaps thanks to vodka or Tchaikovsky’s music, he had an impetus, he was moved, the truth escaped him: “But why, why, I ask you, have we renounced the Russian empire? Why have we been so generous as to grant independence to these republics?… Ukraine does not exist! ”. In short, it’s his stuff. Born or not born. Not just Ukraine.

The three false pretexts are as always built on half truths, or on truth used instrumentally. But the President Zelensky he is Jewish: elected, he thanked “those who fought the Nazis, and won”. In the Donbass it was Ukraine that requested the presence of impartial OSCE observers. As for NATO, Ukraine’s application for membership has stopped since 2008, for reasons of expediency. But Putin is also calling for the withdrawal of the Born from all Eastern European countries. Otherwise, how can he rebuild his empire?

The best of humanity

The ideals of the fighting Ukrainians, the heroism, the old woman who faces openly the Russian soldier (“what are you doing here ?!”), the balanced solidarity of the whole world, the dry and annoyed “no” of the Kazakhstan at the Russian request to send troops against Ukraine, the (few) deputies of the Duma who vote against the war, the listless Russian soldiers, the demonstrations of young Russians and Belarusians in almost every city in defense of the Ukrainians, the embrace of the two opera singers – Russian and Ukrainian – at the San Carlo in Naples, the Russian conductor who conducts the Ukrainian national anthem in Milan, Russian sportsmen speaking against the war. These Russians are preparing the future of their country.

The ridiculous

Putin wanted to go back to 1967, he found himself in a world full of mobile phones, where everyone sees everything and finally understands. He found a CIA and an American President who were finally honest and truthful, who warned the world of what was about to happen; there Russia he denied, denied … to the point of losing face. A world where young people from different countries travel, communicate, get to know each other, love each other. A world with open borders, little interested in territorial conquests, where identity is less and less ethnic, where the will to live and everyday problems are the reward for the stupid wars of the past: today wars are fought on Internetor on the markets, or in stadiums.

The inhabitants of Kiev in the first days under the bombs, more annoyed than frightened, did not understand that he was taken by the Tsar of Moscow: “He is not crazy, he is sick in the heart!”. They were the first to highlight Putin’s outdated, ridiculous side. And of the army of him terrible of him and without gas: “Do you want a tow to Russia?” Asks a motorist. A few days ago we asked ourselves: “How many days will the Ukrainians last?”. Today I ask myself: “How many days will Putin survive?”.

In Russia, from students to the ruling elite, everyone is now beginning to realize the very serious damage it is inflicting on their country. Even Lukashenko, the Belarusian snacking companion, is changing tone. The nuclear threat to the world may be the straw that will break the camel’s back.

True, a 5 km long army is converging on Kiev; in the long run, the Russian army is destined to to prevail. And the atomic risk, where there is “one man in charge”, is real. At the same time, by initiating negotiations in Gomel, even if only to make fun of the Ukrainians, Putin in fact an escape route is created from the war. One of these two solutions – co-centralizing Kiev or making peace – could still save him. With his European, anti-American and “left-wing” rioters, who are relaunching on social media, Putin could brush up on the issue of NATO enlargement to claim its stop in the peace accords, and sing victory.

In this case, it would survive a little longer and the cancer of Russian imperialist pressure would not be eradicated. Neutral Ukraine would continue to dream of Europe, and instability would reign in the east. Could be. But I have the impression that, instead, an ancient sixty-eight prophecy is about to come true: a laugh will bury you!

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