Ukraine, woman buried alive survives after being tortured

They beat her, torture her and then bury her believing her to be dead. But one Ukrainian woman survives and gets up. 59-year-old Nina Rudchenko was attacked in Poltava (not far from Kharkiv) by some neighbors (two brothers) drunk.

Ukrainian woman “resurrects”, aggression and video

The men, aged 27 and 30, broke into Nina Rudchenko’s house, beat her with a baseball bat and they tortured her until she passed out. Then they dragged her to the graveyardthey poured water on her face to wake her up, had her dig a grave and told her to lie down inside.

How she was saved

“They were laughing and talking about how they were going to kill my family. When they finished, they asked if I was dead and left, ”Nina said. She was saved because the grave was extremely shallow, so she was able to get out and crawl to the house where she lost consciousness. The morning after her sister Ludmila Gura found her on the ground. “Blood and bruises were all over her face. She was black and swollen, I hardly recognized her », recalls Ludmila. The victim was immediately transferred to the hospital and, according to the findings of surgeon Oleksandr Klimchuk, she had a concussion, fractured jaw and nose, while her whole body was bruised.

Because they attacked her

The suspects of attempted murder were arrested and an investigation was launched. At the hearing, they talked about how they were under the influence of alcohol. Presumably, it all started because of a dog. Neighbors claim Nina took their dog, but deny torturing her, which other residents in the area don’t believe.

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