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The most likely threat on border With Belarus there is a repetition of the crisis that happened on border Belarus and Poland, the expert on militaryreigns Oleh Zhdanov. He adds that the border should be reinforced with fences and electronic surveillance equipment.

The former head of intelligence, Mykoła Małomuż, in turn, estimates in an interview with Radio Swoboda that the crisis is directly related to the military threat. “The migration crisis was created artificially and is coordinated by Russia, although Russia pretends that it has no connection with it. Alyaksandr Lukashenka receives force, communication and information support from (Vladimir) Putin. So this format of the crisis may be redirected to Ukraine” – he emphasizes .


“So there is also a military threat. On our eastern side border military tension has been created with Russia. Belarus may also become one of the outposts of destabilization, “says the expert.

Ihor Kozij from the Institute of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation points out that due to the possibility of Russian troops entering from the Belarusian direction, this section border it should be strengthened taking into account defense needs. “It is possible to use the territory of Belarus for the transit of the Russian army, the more so because the roads there are of very high quality (…)” – he emphasizes.

Experts also note the risk of exceeding the limits border by groups sabotage and intelligence, which – as Kozij emphasizes – should be counteracted through the development of special forces.

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