Ukrainian war, von der Leyen: “More sanctions against Russia are coming”

Ukraine-Russia war, coming soon the fourth package of sanctions against Moscow by the European Union. This is what the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen anticipated at Versailles, underlining that these measures “will further isolate Russia from the global economic system” and “will further increase the cost for Putin of the invasion of Ukraine”.

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In the new package of sanctions against Moscow for the aggression against Ukraine that the EU is preparing to launch, it is included “the ban on exporting any luxury goods from the EU to Russia, a direct blow to the Russian elite. Those who support Putin’s war machine no longer have to enjoy an opulent lifestyle as bombs fall on innocent people in Ukraine. “

“How we respond today to Russia’s heinous attack on Ukraine it will determine the future of Ukraine but also that of our union and of the European continent“said the president of the European Commission, exhorting to” remain faithful to the principles that have guided our common response up to now: responsibility, unity, solidarity and determination “.

Europe then identifies a plan to address rising gas and electricity prices. The first proposal, says the president of the European Commission, will be presented “by March” and will serve to “limit the contagious effect of the increase in the price of gas to electricity prices”. “By mid-May we will present our proposal” for independence “from Russian gas, oil and coal by 2027”.

Within the framework of the proposals that will be presented to achieve, by 2027, the independence of energy supplies from Russia – oil, gas and coal – there will also be the definition of a long-term program for gas storage, for which at least 90 per cent of site capacity must be reached by October 1 of each year. “It is necessary to free ourselves from our dependence on Russian gas, diversifying the sources of supply, investing heavily in renewable energies” he adds.

As for the “Ukraine’s application for membership of the European Union“it is” an expression of national sovereignty and of its will and right to choose its destiny. “Today we have opened the way to us for them: they are part of the european family“he concludes.

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