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Like her character Cassie in the series Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney has a certain penchant for sexy outfits. The actress has succumbed to the hottest trends of the moment, for example displaying her bombshell body in a naked dress or revealing herself in visible panties under a transparent skirt. Lately, the superb blonde has also fallen for the very trendy leather dress. As a perfect representative of Gen Z, the twenty-something is always in tune with the times. But for celebrate his 26th birthday on September 12the young woman apparently wanted a trip back in time.

Sydney Sweeney celebrated her 26th birthday in an 80s look

This Monday, September 18, Sydney Sweeney shared photos of her birthday party on her Instagram account, which she wanted to be themed. To celebrate her 26th birthday, the star invited all her friends to a “prom”, end-of-year parties in American high schools. But not just any prom! She transported everyone back to the 80s. And, obviously, the queen of the evening totally respected the theme for her incredible outfit. For the occasion, Sydney Sweeney slipped into a flashy pink satin dress with a tulle petticoat that is both completely cheesy and quite incredible.

Faithful to the style that suits her so well, the heroine of the series The White Lotus obviously opted for a creation with an 80’s look but still ultra sexy. Her dress was thus equipped with a plunging neckline which highlighted her luscious chest. As for its length particularly short (which partly revealed her buttocks), she stretched her slender legs even further. Sydney Sweeney then accessorized her outfit with a pink mini bag, pink bow shoes and pink jewelry. And for her look to be as faithful to 80s fashion, the actress acesuccumbed to the perm which was all the rage at the time, adopting the time of its evening of ultra curly hair. In her total pink look and with her wavy hair, Sydney Sweeney looked like an eighties Barbie.

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