UNAM equipment will help you work out while charging your phone | GU.

Do you like playing on your phone while working out? This UNAM device is perfect for you. bicycle generator Supreme Research Institute It will allow you to maintain the battery of your mobile device while improving your physical condition.

With UNAM BiciGeneradores, exercise won’t conflict with your cell phone addiction. Not only that, but you can also help the environment by generating sustainable energy through mobility.

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How does UNAM BiciGenerador work?

The UNAM project is called The BiciGenerador works like a stationary exercise bike.The only difference between these and the devices in the largest labs is that you will be responsible for maintaining your phone’s battery because If you don’t pedal, your mobile device won’t charge.

BiciGenerator has two connectors, allowing it to charge up to 350 watts in total on a single charge. One of the connectors has 127-volt contacts and the other is a USB output for fast charging, allowing you to charge your phone or any device with such a charging input in 1 hour and 20 minutes.

You can use them while your mobile device is charging and since they have a work surface you can do your homework while pedaling. it’s great for people Multitasking!

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Where are UNAM BiciGeneradores?

BiciGeneradores is part of a new project created by the General Directorate of Administrative Services, the Faculty of Engineering and the General Directorate of University Sports.

From the title “BiciGenerators: activate and recharge Only one BiciGenerator appears. this will be copied Moves and is present in different entities and offices at the various campuses of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

These can be used by the entire university community as the design is made for people of different heights and weights.

“The General Directorate of Administrative Services and Online Store of the National Autonomous University of Mexico developed the structural and anthropometric design to make it as stable a frame as possible, able to withstand outdoor working conditions and best suited to the different body shapes and sizes of the same university community”, Mexico The head of the online store design department of the National Autonomous University declared, communiqué The largest research institute.

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Who created this project?

The central idea was proposed by the General Administration of Administrative Services and the General Administration of University Sports. However, members of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and professors from the Faculty of Engineering of the National Autonomous University of Mexico are involved in the execution of BiciGenerators. Among them, scholars Antonio Zepeda, Mariano Garcia, Gustavo Rojas, Arturo Flores and Omar Garcia stand out.

Finally, the Directorate General of Administrative Services developed the structural design together with the online store of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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