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Thomas Schäfer, the German executive at the head of the Volkswagen brand, said that the Wolfsburg house is evaluating the possible economic feasibility of the Golf 9. The reason? The costs to conform thermal engines to the new Euro 7 standard

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The current one could be the latest generation of the Volkswagen Golf. The German company is in fact evaluating the possible economic feasibility of giving life to a new thermal generation. The reason is very simple and concerns the costs that a car brand has to face in order to conform the combustion engine to the Euro 7 standard. This is why the Volkswagen Group does not see combustion engines as an economically advantageous alternative to electric mobility in the medium term.

Thomas Schäfer speaks

Volkswagen’s new head of brand, Thomas Schäfer, spoke on this thorny issue in an interview with the German magazine Welt, where he stated that internal combustion vehicles will become more expensive by 3-5,000 euros due to the complex system of emission control. These are his words: “These additional costs can hardly be absorbed by a small car. So basic mobility with internal combustion engines will become significantly more expensive. The € 10,000 cars will no longer exist in the future. Individual mobility is a a fundamental need and must remain reachable also in the future. The solution is electric mobility “.

goodbye to golf? Volkswagen thinks about it

Schäfer left open the possibility of a new generation of the Volkswagen Golf, which last year, with 205,408 units, was the best-selling car in Europe. As the political-regulatory course is set on electric mobility and demand is growing rapidly, “we will have to consider whether it is worthwhile to develop a new generation that will not last for all seven or eight years,” said the German executive. Specifically, Schäfer underlines how it would be extremely expensive to place a car on the market that cannot guarantee an adequate duration. Volkswagen is currently working on an update of the current Golf 8 and it has not yet been decided whether a Golf 9 will be launched: “We’ll know more in twelve months,” says the Wolfsburg executive.

future models

Schäfer has announced that starting from 2025 the Volkswagen Group intends to launch four models of electric cars on the market. In addition to the ID.2, another VW model will arrive, a Skoda and a Cupra. “We plan to offer the ID.2 for less than € 25,000. In three years, this will be a very attractive price for an electric vehicle,” said Schäfer. The range of vehicles will be at least 350-400 kilometers. “This is the psychological sales threshold at the moment”.

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