Uncharted, the Film Will Not Be a Direct Adaptation of Video Games

Uncharted 4

Uncharted’s film will not be a direct adaptation of video games, promises the director that he does not want to give an experience inferior to the spectators.

Uncharted, the film will not be a direct adaptation of video games. According to director Dan Trachtenberg, the film will tell the first years of Nathan Drake’s “career”, before he became the funny braggart we all know and love. 

According to Trachtenberg, a direct adaptation would not have satisfied the public, giving it a lower grade experience. He himself assessed more than one treatment related to the project, ending up discarding them all because they were too close to the game. 

Trachtenberg: “I don’t think it’s worth making the adaptation of a video game by copying it completely, thus giving the public experience of a lower grade than the one they have already experienced in an incredible way.”

It’s been years since we’ve talked about the Uncharted movie, but finally, it seems that we will be able to see it in theaters. Many believed that it would be canceled, given the problems caused by the production, but now everything should be ready, with Tom Holland playing the part of young Nathan Drake and perhaps Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) in those of Sully. 

Uncharted’s film will arrive at the cinema on December 18, 2020.

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