Uncover Daniella Chávez Upstairs and Downstairs Only Show a Hidden Band-Aid

Detaching the sensual, the beautiful Chilean model let her charms come to the fore with only a well-hidden band-aid

Daniella Chávez once again raised the high temperatures on social networks, after it came to light, revealing her striking charms with only a band-aid that she had well hidden, in addition to removing the top, accelerating hearts left and right.

And the fact is that the famous Chilean model has not stopped falling in love with her fervent admirers, to whom she always manages to keep them pending of any photograph or video with which she decides to appear, looking completely spectacular from head to toe.

It was through her official Instagram account that Daniella Chávez got excited again by sharing an intrepid postcard where her lush charms are in the foreground, giving a great view of them in broad daylight.

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So to model in front of the camera lens, the beautiful woman from Las Condes, Chile, decided to do it very naturally, a style that has characterized her during her career in the world of social networks, since she uncovered the above and down there was only showing off the thin plaster that ended up hiding.

Taking advantage of the locations he has in his luxurious home, he used the area next to the pool to hold a huge silver in the shape of pineapple to stand on his side and thus better show off his grandiose rear without a trace of pain, showing very you release their ‘lolitas’ with the fluorescent band-aid in the foreground.

So it only took a couple of hours for it to receive more than 107 thousand reactions of ‘likes’ in the form of red hearts, used to like the publications of influencers or content creators, in this case being the waste of beauty and curves under the sun which completely took the glances.

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