Under the genius of Vanvitelli for a season to perfection

In the name of continuity. Also this year a symbolic location for the presentation of the Brescia Women’s Football, as happened last year in the archaeological area. In the presence of Mayor of the city – Emilio Del Bono – and of the president Clara Gornothe girls to the directives of the technician Ashraf Seleman have passed under the spans of Palace of the Loggiain that hall of Vanvitelli on whose walls stands the verse of Carducci cheering Brescia “lioness of Italy drunk with enemy bloodof the Risorgimento period that brought so much fame to the city and to posterity. In this historical place, therefore, Brescia has decided to present its “lionesses” in flesh and blood, that is all the athletes who will take part in the cadet season 2022/2023. And never was the choice more apt given the assignment next year to Brescia and Bergamo of the title of Italian Capitals of Culture, an exceptional event about to be celebrated also on the new t-shirts with the white “V” on the heart, soon on display on the association’s website and in the stores. On the marble entrance staircase, therefore, a souvenir photo with a perspective effect and some new faces in addition to the many reconfirmations, for a year already announced different from the one as exciting as it is “unfortunate” just experienced, and ended up just one distance from the leaders Como.


Clara Gornofirst woman to hold the position of president in the history of the club, she said she was confident and proud of her players in these terms: «Thanks to the mayor for allowing us to take advantage of such a beautiful space full of history. These girls make great sacrifices to be able to cultivate their dream, and they absolutely deserve moments like this. I also like to remember that the first team is the “showcase” of the company, true, but the Brescia Calcio Female is also much more, especially a youth sector that aims to give more and more opportunities to girls and boys. To the lionesses I say that I am proud of them and that I’m sure they will do well “.

After the president, the words of Ashraf Selemannew coach of Brescia, just arrived at the helm of the team after the short summer break of Massimo Moralesand strongly desired by Gorno since after Garavaglia. “I’ve been here for a week – says the former Roma and Lazio – but I can say that I have already breathed an air of great cohesion, of great belonging, of great closeness between all the components. An important aspect that can make a difference. We did good things on Sunday (in the league against the Lazio1-1, ed), others a little less. But this is football, we work to improve. With the girls and the staff we are ready for this journey which will be long and difficult, but we will certainly know how to have our say ». Veronique Brayda, captain and striker of Brescia, also of the same opinion, who wanted to underline the main qualities of her team as follows: “It’s a large group that has in cohesion and unity of purpose the strong point that made us come close to Serie A last season and which I am sure will give us the opportunity to play every game even now ».


Although the hard core has remained mostly that of the previous year, new interesting faces have been seen under the Loggia. Here are the news Alice Lugli And Sara Ferrari from Sassuolo and Cortefranca, and from the late Cortefranca even the strong defender Guya Vavassori. For the midfield, to increase the Scandinavian share Fanni Pietikainen from Oulu, a Finnish team, joined the Swedish team Jenny Hojholman, the other Nordic ace already present in the team; to complete the department also theformer blucerchiata Maria Bortolin. While for the attack he lands Zala Kustrin, from the Slovenian team Radomljie. To embellish the workforce three other loans: this is the talented one Caterina FracarosInter school, of Chiara Ripamonti (Fiorentina) and of Teresa Fracas (Sassuolo). Finally, Chiara Trevanini, Letizia Angoli, Elena Panza and Giulia Lumina awarded by the Spring.

The words of Emilio Del Bonomayor of Brescia, close the presentation: «I am very happy that Brescia Calcio Female has once again chosen a symbolic place of our city for its official presentation. And I am even happier that this glorious company had a person like President Gorno who, with great passion, decided not to let her die. I am confident that the girls will be able to give us a season of great satisfaction, like true Lionesses ».

BRESCIA CF – PINK 2022/2023


Trainer: Ashraf Seleman
Assistant coach: Laura Armanni
Athletic trainer: Giorgio Negro
Physiotherapist: Stefano Ferrari
Social doctor: Ennio Favara
Team manager: Roberta Ballabio
Warehouse worker: Silvio Garbellini
Press officer: Flavio Grisoli
Press office: Elisa Garatti
Photograph: Federica Scaroni


Goalkeepers: Alice Lugli (’96 – Sassuolo), Sara Ferrari (’99 – Cortefranca), Chiara Travaini (’95 – Spring).
Defenders: Guya Vavassori (’95 – Cortefranca), Chiara Viscardi (’99), Chiara Barcella (’92), Caterina Fracaros (’01 – Inter loan), Elisa Galbiati (’92), Chiara Ripamonti (’01 – Fiorentina loan), Laura Perin (’97), Letizia Angoli (’04 – Spring).
Midfielders: Laura Ghisi (’98), Cristina Merli (’95), Fanni Pietikainen (’99 – Oulu), Gaia Farina (’02), Serena Magri (’01), Elena Panza (’03 – Spring), Gaia Bianchi (‘ 03), Maria Bortolin (’03 – Sampdoria), Giulia Lumina (’04 – Spring).
Forwards: Veronique Brayda (’95), Sala Kustrin (’98 – Rodomljie), Luana Merli (’87), Jenny Hjohlman (’90), Sofia Pasquali (’01), Camilla Tengattini (’03), Teresa Fracas (’01 – Sassuolo loan).

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