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Singer Anitta explained to her fans that she is part of the “root Aryans” line.  But, are all Aries people?

Singer Anitta explained to her fans that she is part of the “root Aryans” line. But, are all Aries people?

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Debauchery, courage, impetus, impulse, don’t take a scolding home. You don’t even have to be a PHD in Astrology to know that these characteristics are from the sign of Aries, right? After the powerful Anitta referred to herself as being part of the group of “root Aryans” in a somewhat mysterious post on Twitter this weekend, we want to understand what this term means to the stars. And the question remains: are all Aries people like that too?

Root Aryans or Nutellas?

In fact, when we think about personality differences for someone like Aries, we’d like to let you know that… there isn’t. That’s because this sign is ruled by Mars, the God of War, in Greek Mythology. It is this planet that offers Aries all the characteristics of an energetic person, who doesn’t mince words and who gets into a fight, doesn’t get out of it so easily.

Anitta, when explaining herself on Twitter, said that if she receives a threat, for example, this fact “has the opposite effect” – every self-respecting Aryan is motivated by the challenge, by the desire to show their value, by competition. In this case, in the “Aryan root” lineage, the will to win moves any situation in the life of this sign – proving that you can automatically becomes the goal to be conquered. Fear here serves as fuel, never as a brake.

Does every Arian have the root?

There is no such thing as a calm Aries: if he doesn’t explode, he implodes – which, according to psychology, is much worse. Keeping feelings and emotions can bring long-term disorders, as at one point, all this intensity can “overflow” and bring more serious consequences, such as depression and anxiety. However, Root Aryans usually bring their essence to the fore. They are courageous in most situations that surround them, they have plenty of attitude to go after what they want, in addition to having the necessary determination to reach the highest point of their lives. Anyone who is not vibrating in this Aries energy can take this “power” at any time – just believe in it.

Celebrities who are also like Anitta

In addition to the world’s #1 being an “Aryan root”, we have other celebrities who, like her, do not shy away from the fight: Xuxa – who turns and moves, takes a stand, like Anitta, on various subjects, from politics to animal causes; the comedian, Gregorio Duvivier, who also makes the line “Aryan roots” and responds to haters without any fear; the lead singer of Legião Urbana, Renato Russo, was from Aries and showed no fear of fighting against the system of the time – as he portrayed in his songs. We also have in this line the eternal Hermione, from Harry Potter, Emma Watson, who has appeared several times in the international media putting her opinions very well centered in the spotlight and proving that she has nothing of nutella.

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