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“React, put on a crop top”, says a meme that went viral at the end of last year when tying croppeds — a type of short blouse, “cut” in English — to an improvement in the self-esteem of those who wear them. That’s because the piece, which has dominated women’s wardrobes for some time now, has a sexy proposal, often inviting the wearer to show off part of their belly.

Now, even shoes are being adapted to the format. In recent weeks, croppeds, corsets, corsets and tops made from sneakers and cleats have spread through social media and motivated debates about customization techniques, such as DIY —Do It Yourself, or do it yourself—, upcycling and bootleg rework. .

After celebrities such as singer Luísa Sonza and former BBB Jade Picon appeared sporting such looks, several netizens replicated the look, which could even be seen among fashionistas at Lollapalooza 2022.

The transformation of old shoes into sexy items started with the American designer Cierra Boyd, in a design competition held in Ohio, in 2019. After being challenged to create a piece without any fabric, she customized her father’s sneakers that were lying in an attic. . This year, she was asked by rapper Cardi B to transform Balenciaga’s green shoes into a corset.

Boyd owns Frisk me Good, a sustainable fashion brand that creates products out of old clothes — the stylist didn’t say, however, if the shoes in Cardi B’s outfit were new. On the store’s website, the prices of its tennis corsets vary between US$ 135 (equivalent to R$ 284) and US$ 525 (about R$ 2,494).

In addition to Cardi B, another famous person who wore a Frisk me Good piece was Brazilian influencer Lívia Nunes, who wore a yellow All Stars corset in the latest edition of Paris Fashion Week.

“It’s a super ‘Instagrammable’ outfit”, says fashion historian Maíra Zimmermann when commenting on the recent success of the look. According to her, the cropped boot is an alternative to stand out in the networks, which she calls “mass differentiation”. “It goes out of the ordinary and brings the sexy, subverting the meaning of the original piece and creating a new, imposing look.”

Zimmerman also points out that the transformation of an old piece into a new one is part of the DIY logic, which has gained many adherents in recent years – in April 2020 alone, the sale of sewing machines soared by 127% in the United States, according to data. from the WGSN Youth Culture report. In Brazil, upcycling brands Rachels, Iult and Lzro are already selling cropped shoes made from shoes.

But not everyone uses recycling techniques to create their version of the piece. An example is the brand Balenciaga, which recently launched the “Sneakerhead” bag, an item that in Brazil cost more than R$15,000. Inspired by the concept of “rework”, of “reworking” a piece to give it new life, the bag makes reference to pieces made from recycled material, but ironically goes far beyond this type of production.

“Since [essa moda] viral, a lot of people have been buying boots just to make croppeds, moving away from the initial concept of upcycling”, says Zimmermann. “And it’s a very expensive product to make [sem técnicas de reciclagem].”

The influencer Isis Oliveira did not buy any boots to make her cropped, but she wore a brand new one from her boyfriend, who had almost never worn the piece. Hidden from the “boy” — as she calls him on the networks —, the young woman customized his shoes and recorded a viral video on TikTok teaching him how to assemble the look.

“As soon as photos of Jade Picon started to go viral [vestindo um cropped laranja de tênis], several followers sent me pictures saying that I should hide my cleats”, says fellow influencer Geyson Paliot, Oliveira’s boyfriend. “She always creates things with my clothes. Vasco’s shirt, underwear, mask, everything.”

​Paliot says that while he really liked the old boot — which cost about R$300 — he wasn’t mad at his girlfriend and instead was excited by the video’s backlash. He even changed his Instagram description, calling himself the “owner of the cropped boot”. So did Oliveira, who now describes herself as “the girl with the cropped boots”.

The influencer says she loved the result of the customization and describes it as “beautiful and very comfortable”. The style, however, is controversial and there are a lot of people who don’t like it.

“There are many people who find it beautiful, creative and stylish, but there are also many people who criticize”, says Oliveira. “Some people think it’s absurd to do that with a boot.”

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