Unemployment in Poland has dropped. The CSO released the latest data

In October, unemployment in Poland was 5.5 percent. This is slightly less than a month earlier, when the index was 5.6%. Thursday’s CSO communiqué did not surprise analysts who expected such a reading. The Polish labor market, however, still has not recovered from the pandemic, when the Central Statistical Office recorded a historic low of 5.0%. There are also regions on the map where unemployment reaches 22 percent.

The Central Statistical Office announced on Thursday that in October in Poland 5.5 percent were unemployed. people. This is, of course, about registered unemployment.

This means that in Poland in October there were 910.9 thousand. unemployed people, i.e. by almost 24 thousand. less than in September.

The unemployment rate is still higher than in October 2019, when it hit a low of 5.0%. Despite this, experts have been convincing for several months that the prospects for the labor market are optimistic.

However, there are still regions in Poland where unemployment is a huge problem. Szydłowiec poviat for example, it is still a black point on the map. There, unemployment is 22.1 percent. and is the highest in Poland.

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