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The figure dates back to 2019, before the lockdown came to wipe out over half a million jobs. But it is an official figure. InfoData, processed the data provided by Istat regarding the workforce. In the map, in practice, municipality by municipality, there are the data available to the workforce, or to those who are active on the labor market. A number that is broken down between employed and job seekers. And it is by crossing these numbers that the map was built. The choice was to compare the situation in each municipality with the national one, which in 2019 saw an unemployment rate of 13.12%. The average unemployment recorded in the six municipalities of the island of Ischia is higher than the national one with 17.14%. Ischia is the most virtuous municipality with the lowest average unemployment with 15.131%, while Serrara Fontana wins the black jersey with 18.42% unemployed. Above the island average also Barano d’Ischia where 18.03% are unemployed. The other municipalities are in line with each other. In Forio 17.636% of the resident population is unemployed, while in Lacco Ameno 16.14% and in Casamicciola 17.51%.

In Italy, data are recorded in the Center North below the national average and in the Center South, on the other hand, well above, unfortunately it is not surprising. On the other hand, there are two areas that go against the trend. The first concerns some border areas of various northern provinces, such as Varese, Como, Verbania, Turin and Imperia. Here the above-average unemployment rate may be due to the fact that many people are frontier workers, that is, they work across the border.

There are also several countries along the Apennines that have an unemployment rate below the national average, in contrast to the trend of the regions in which they are located. However, it is possible that the reason here is more demographic than economic. The last element that appears when looking at the map is that the autonomous province of Bolzano is the province that in 2019 saw the lowest unemployment rate in the rest of the country.

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