Unexpected guest of Legia before the match against Leicester. Seized the opportunity that was close to the soccer ball

The fans of the Leicester Legion greeted the fans of the Leicester Legion on Thursday with blue skies and sun, as well as wind and low temperatures. Were it not for the fans of the Polish champion, the vast majority of whom came to the city on the day of the match, it would be hard to guess that in the evening at the King Power Stadium, an important match for both clubs in the Europa League will be held.

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Although the local community has a strong ties to Leicester City and the stadium is expected to be nearly full, there is no sign of the match in the city. There are no advertisements in the center and around the stadium, a few hours before the game, single fans in scarves, caps or Leicester City T-shirts were hanging around the city.

Legia did not help to promote the match either. Contrary to previous meetings in Moscow and Naples, this time the club did not show its “We are back” marketing campaign related to the return of the Polish champions to the European cups. Even on Wednesday evening, no Legia fans were visible in the city. Singles, who showed up the day before the match, could not count on too much entertainment. After 11 PM it was difficult to find open pubs or clubs.

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However, there will be no shortage of Legia fans in Leicester. About 1200 of them are expected to appear at the King Power Stadium. For various reasons, however, most of them did not come to the city until the day of the match. In this way, some of them bypassed the complicated paperwork associated with covid restrictions, others the day before stopped in larger cities 70 and 160 kilometers away, respectively: Birmingham and London. From the morning, Legia fans came to Leicester by trains and buses.

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Although the fans of the Polish champion were more and more visible on the streets of the city hour by hour, it was difficult to meet larger groups. Groups of a few people bustled about Leicester, watching the few local attractions. However, Legia fans are planning a joint march to the King Power Stadium. The fans will meet in front of the clock tower and head to the stadium, which is about 30 minutes’ walk away.

Unexpected guest at the Legia hotel

The traditional walk on Thursday afternoon was not enjoyed by the players of Legia. On Wednesday, the training staff decided that the pre-match start-up will take place in the hotel gym.

On the same day in the evening, an unexpected guest visited the team. Former Legia footballer Cafu appeared in the hotel lobby. The Portuguese, who played in Warsaw for two years and won two Polish championships, is today a Nottingham Forest player. Leicester and Nottingham are only about 50 kilometers away, so Cafu took the chance to meet old friends.

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And so the former Legia player had a chat with Andre Martins, Luquinhas, Artur Jędrzejczyk and Mateusz Wieteska, but also with Yuri Ribeiro, with whom he played in Nottingham Forest last season. In addition to reminiscing about the old days, the Portuguese probably also wished his colleagues good luck, which will certainly be useful to them on Thursday evening.

The Leicester City – Legia Warszawa match on Thursday at 21:00. Live coverage on Sport.pl and in the mobile application.

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