United Airlines finds loose screws on Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft after Alaska Airlines incident

File photo. A worker walks past the new 737 MAX-9 being built at Boeing’s production plant in Renton, Washington, USA. February 13, 2017. Reuters/Jason Redmond

United Airlines said on Monday it had discovered loose screws on its Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft.The model was frozen by authorities last Saturday after one of its devices was operational Alaska Airlineslost part of its fuselage during flight.

“Since initial inspections began on Saturday, we have identified a number of conditions that appear to be related to issues with the door panel installation: for example, screws that required additional tightening,” United said in a brief statement to the media today.

“Our technical operations team will correct these findings to return the aircraft to service safely,” he added.

United Airlines is the largest carrier Boeing 737 Max 9It has 79 such planes in its fleet, while Alaska Airlines, which has not commented on any inspections, has 65.

Alaska Airlines plane involved in Saturday crash Missing at an altitude of nearly 5,000 meters The gaps to accommodate additional emergency doors have been sealed panels, a common measure taken on routes with lower passenger densities.

On January 5, Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 from Portland, Oregon, bound for Ontario, California, experienced decompression shortly after takeoff. Passengers’ oxygen masks hung from the ceiling next to missing windows and part of the side wall. Instagram/@strawberrvy via REUTERS ES

The plane was forced to return to Portland (Oregon) minutes after takeoff without any serious injuries.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) orders the immediate suspension of all 737 Max 9 aircraft The same configuration as the Alaska Airlines plane was being inspected, and Boeing issued an order to perform the inspection on Monday.

The measure, also adopted by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), will not affect any of the company’s aircraft in Europe, as the Boeing 737 Max 9 operating in community space has a different configuration.

There are 215 such aircraft in operation worldwide, and in addition to United Airlines and Alaska Airlines, there are also such aircraft in the fleets of Copa Air, AeroMexico, Icelandair, Turkish Airlines and flydubai.

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators are examining the fuselage plug area of ​​Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-9 MAX Flight 1282, which was jettisoned and forced the plane to make an emergency landing at a property in Portland, Oregon. Be recycled. , United States January 8, 2024. NTSB/Reuters handout.

Just two weeks ago, the Boeing 737 was back in the news after inquiries from the American multinational. Airlines check aircraft control systems for possible loose screws.

The latest incident has once again put the Boeing 737 Max aircraft in the spotlight. Two 737 Max 8 crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia in 2019 killed 346 people and the plane was grounded in much of the world for about two years. and 2020.

In both cases, despite the pilots’ efforts to reverse the command, it was determined that the flight control software generated an error message and placed the aircraft in a descending position.

Alaska Airlines Boeing planes are no longer flying to Hawaii after warning lights on three different flights that could indicate a pressurization problem were reported, a federal official said Sunday.

Alaska Airlines has decided not to use the aircraft on long-haul flights over water in order to If the warning light comes on again, the plane “can return to the airport quickly”National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Jennifer Homendy said at a news conference Sunday night.

Homendy warned that the boost lights may have nothing to do with Friday’s incident.

Homendy also provided new details about the chaotic scenes that unfolded on the plane and inside the cabin when the panel flew out, leaving a hole in the side of the plane. No one was injured and the plane, carrying 171 passengers and six crew members, returned safely to Portland.

The cockpit door suddenly opened, the co-pilot’s headphones fell off due to decompression, and the captain lost part of his headphones. Homendy said a quick reference guide near the crew also began flying.

“The air and everything that was going on around it was described as chaotic and very loud and very violent,” he said.

(Information from EFE and AP)

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