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American citizens are urged to “leave Russia immediately”, using the “limited options” of commercial transportation still available. It can be read on the website of the US embassy in Moscow, cited by Tass. The governments of Bulgaria and Poland are also urging all their fellow citizens in the Russian Federation to leave urgently. The Guardian writes it.

Bulgaria’s foreign ministry said it “asks its citizens to refrain from traveling to the Russian Federation and recommends that they consider leaving the country as soon as possible, using currently available means of transport”. The Polish Foreign Ministry issued a similar statement, reports the Polish TVp, stating that flights with Russia have been suspended and encouraging all remaining citizens to leave: “In the event of a drastic deterioration in the security situation, the closure of borders or other unforeseen circumstances, evacuation may prove significantly hindered or even impossible. We recommend that citizens of the Republic of Poland who remain in the territory of the Russian Federation leave its territory using commercial and private means ;; available “.

Meanwhile the Russia is about to open a recruiting center on the border with Georgia, to intercept men capable of enlisting in the army to fight in Ukraine among the tens of thousands of people in line who are trying to leave the Russian Federation precisely to escape this prospect. The BBC writes this on its website, citing sources from local authorities. “Agents at the Verkhniy Lars border crossing will be in charge of summoning ‘citizens of enlistment age’, authorities say,” writes BBC, which adds that satellite images show car-miles-long queues at the Caucasian border.

The United States is preparing a new $ 1.1 billion arms package for Ukraine in anticipation of Russia’s announcement of the annexation of Ukrainian territories. This was reported by sources of the administration to the Reuters agency. The new invitation will include Himars anti-missile systems already sent to the Kiev forces in the past, ammunition, various types of anti-drone radar systems, the sources specify. The administration is also preparing new sanctions against Moscow in response to the referendum for annexation to Moscow.

Russia will no longer issue passports to people called up on the basis of the mobilization desired by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was announced by the government information portal, at a time when tens of thousands of people have already fled abroad. “If a citizen has already been called for military service or received a summons (for mobilization or military service), he will be denied an international passport”, the portal reads.

Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau stated that NATO’s response to any use of nuclear weapons from Russia to Ukraine it will be “devastating”. In an interview with the NBC talk show ‘Meet the Press’, the minister, visiting Washington, warned that if Putin were to use the atomic bomb, NATO would react “in a conventional way, therefore not using a nuclear weapon,” but the response will be devastating. “” This is the message the Alliance is sending to Russia right now, “added the Warsaw minister.

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