Unofficial: Kamil Stoch talked to Michał Doleżal. What did they find out?

The best Polish jumper quite suddenly left the 4-Hills-Tournament. Now he is resting in Poland. According to unofficial information from a journalist, TVP Sport spoke by phone to the coach of our national team. About what?

Marek Bobakowski

Marek Bobakowski

Kamil Stoch

WP SportoweFakty / Jakub Janecki / In the photo: Kamil Stoch

When will Kamil Stoch come back to the hill, to the World Cup in ski jumping? This question has been bothering Polish fans for several days. Let us remind you that our player did not finish the 4-Hills-Tournament. He was withdrawn even before the third competition (he did not win promotion to it).

Stoch was in such a form that after talks with Michał Doleżal and the entire training staff, a joint decision was made that a better solution would be to return to Poland, rest, and then try to get back into shape. Therefore, the jumper from Ząb will not start in the upcoming World Cup competitions, which will be held in Bischofshofen on the weekend (8-9.01.) (more details about this competition HERE >>).

Doleżal with the staff are in Austria, Stoch in Poland. Despite this – unofficially – it is known that both gentlemen talked to each other. Filip Czyszanowski, a TVP Sport journalist, gave such a message on Twitter. “Kamil Stoch is after talks with coach Doleżal” – wrote Czyszanowski (all information at the end of the material – editor’s note).

And he added: “He is ready (Stoch – ed.) To come back to the World Cup in Zakopane”.

If this happens, it will mean that the Pole will return to jumping at the highest world level in no time. Competition in Zakopane (if it will take place – HERE for more information >>) are scheduled for next weekend (January 14-16). May it be a good omen.

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