Unofficial: there is the result of another test by Klemens Murańka

Two individual ski jumping World Cup competitions 2021/2022 have already ended in Nizhny Tagil, and Klemens Murańka is still in isolation. According to Filip Czyszanowski, one of the following tests gave the Pole a positive result again.

Igor Kubiak

Igor Kubiak

Klemens Murańka

PAP / Grzegorz Momot / In the photo: Klemens Murańka

On Sunday, Klemens Murańka underwent another coronavirus test. As the secretary general of PZN told us, the test was to be forwarded to three laboratories. The TVP Sport journalist has already informed about the results of the first of them.

“Unofficially: one Klimek Murańka test is already here. Positive. We are waiting for two more of two other laboratories” – wrote Filip Czyszanowski on Twitter.

Murańka obtained the first positive test result on Saturday before the first competition in Nizhny Tagil. He was immediately sent for isolation.

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It is known that the 27-year-old is vaccinated, he has no symptoms of the disease, so the staff of the Polish team is fighting to end the player’s isolation. However, this will only be possible in the event of a negative PCR test result.

Otherwise, Murańka will be stuck in a Russian sanatorium, where conditions are not the best, for two weeks. Thus, the coach Michal Doleżał would have to make a change in the A team for the next competitions, which will be held next weekend in Kuusamo, Finland.

“They said go to Russia will be fun, and this is not a nice situation here … Well, I will not fly in Russia anymore, but the season has just started” – Murańka wrote on Sunday afternoon in his social media (more HERE).

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