“Unrecognizable!”. This is Emma Watson in a bikini without Photoshop!


Emma Watson, even if the years go by and do hundreds of different roles, it will always be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. This paper marked her life and with him began to be taken into account for subsequent projects. That tender girl who started at the cinema became a woman and fell in love with millions of followers around the world with her beauty.

Probably all those fans are disappointed to see the British in a bikini and without Photoshop, a tool that accompanies her much more than previously thought. 

On a beach enjoying vacations, Emma decided to wear a black bikini that is seen in the photo, and although it seems a good choice, the issue of concern is her fitness. According to what the snapshot indicates, she does not seem to be a friend of the gym, since the toning of her body could be defined as zero.

Emma’s extreme defenders immediately left to repel criticism, ensuring that her special charm was not in a physique with perfect measurements, but in her natural sensuality. All very well, but the other side expressed that some exercise could not hurt to vary a little. 

Emma Watson is a female leader

The rain of criticism for her physique was not able to overshadow her great work for women. Since she was the voice of the HeforShe movement in front of the United Nations assembly, their struggle for gender justice has not stopped. It is in favor of feminism, without reaching the extremes of some groups that want to distort the fight. 

She is much more than an actress and today with 29 years she is positioned as one of the visible faces of the change in favor of women. With or without Photoshop, Emma Watson is a unique artist in the world of entertainment.



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