Unthinkable! Sophie Turner Confesses That She Hated Jonas Brothers Before Meeting Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner

The renowned actress Sophie Turner stated that her relationship with Joe Jonas did not begin in the best way, because before meeting him in person she hated him along with her band, Jonas Brothers

London, United Kingdom.-  Two months after celebrating her first year of marriage, Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner made a huge confession: she hated the grouping of her husband,  Joe Jonas.

My friends and I were not fans of the Jonas Brothers . There was a band in the United Kingdom called Busted and they had a hit called Year 3000 . It was wonderful and we were big fans of Busted.

 Afterwards, the Jonas Brothers made a cover of the song and gave it worldwide fame. And Busted separated. We thought it was the fault of the Jonas Brothers, so we hated them, “Turner explains. 

Sometime later, the singer was on tour in the United Kingdom and before arriving in the country he sent a private message to Turner in which he offered to go out for a drink while in the city. 

I expected him to appear safely and all that. I thought: ‘ It will be a fool . So, I brought all my friends to accompany me to meet him, because deep down in my mind I was still worried that it could be a farce, “he explains. 

Continuing with that thought of hatred and distrust of Joe, the famous one chose a Camden Town club: “It was a bar of wed … , a dirty place with good music and people throwing up everywhere.” 

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But, to Sophie Truner’s surprise, nothing went as she expected: “It didn’t bring security. It brought a friend, and they drank as hard as the rest of us. We talked for hours and hours and hours. And I realized that it wasn’t a boring person. It wasn’t a farce. And soon we became inseparable. And I went on tour with him, “he concluded.



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