“Until Death”: Megan Fox is brave and full of sex appeal

“A bold and sex appealing role that will keep viewers on the edge of the seat until the very end” – wrote the magazine “Deadline” about her performance.

About her heroine, a woman subjected to an extreme trial, the actress said: “Emma is very resilient, smart and I think she has a good heart. It’s true, sometimes she doesn’t make the best decisions, but I think she gives her all at some point.”

Fox had to work closely with the stuntman who played her dead husband for most of the shoot. The director of the film SK Dale noted that Fox brought out horror and sometimes comic moments from these scenes. “The simplest activities required a lot of effort from her, because she had to drag a limp body behind her. My love for stuntmen and women grew after this experience” – he assured jokingly.

The creators emphasized that the film grows above the genre, maintaining a balance between horror and suspense.

A winter trip outside the city for two turns into a dramatic fight for survival. This was not the morning Emma (Fox) was expecting. After a romantic evening with her husband at the lake house, she wakes up next to his dead body, and they are now joined by handcuffs instead of the knot. However, there is no time for mourning, because this is only the beginning of her troubles.


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