Untold Truth About Johnny Depp’s Relationship With ‘Friends’ Star, Who Was Engaged to Him, Proves He’s Not a Monster Like Heard Said He Was

Hollywood star Johnny Depp’s personal life has always been as colorful and dramatic as his maverick characters. While the talented actor has done his fair share of eccentric and exciting roles in his career, he has also been in the public gaze constantly for his romantic relationships, his controversial and highly publicized split with Amber Heard being a case in point.

Johnny Depp
Hollywood star Johnny Depp

Despite being viewed as someone who is known for complicated break-ups, Johnny Depp has also shared an amicable relationship with a few of his ex-lovers despite the romance not working out. Tea Sleepy Hollow star who dated actor Sherilyn Fenn for a brief period of time, ensured that animosity was not the reason for their failed union.

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Johnny Depp’s Cordial Breakup With Ex-Girlfriend Sherilyn Fenn.

From Winona Ryder, Vanessa Paradis, to his acrimonious public spat with Amber heard, Johnny Depp was through some tumultuous times in his personal life and relationships. While the actor has provided many instances for people to form opinions about the animosity in his love life and his equation with his exes, Depp has shown that sometimes, splits can be amicable too.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp with Sherilyn Fenn

Tea Pirates of the Caribbean star dated actor Sherilyn Fenn for a period of around 4 years between 1985 and 1989 and was even reported to be engaged to her. While the reasons behind their split are still unclear, the FRIENDS star in an interview with The Big Issue in 2017, proved that she harbored no hard feelings towards Depp.

“He was very sweet. He was my first love. I had found real love. It was with someone who was walking the same path, but even if he wasn’t, the love and the connection was strong enough — cooking meals, hanging out, laughing and crying. …I know him as a human not a movie star.”

Fenn further proved that their relationship had never turned sour when she defended Johnny Depp during his divorce trial to Amber Heard in a now deleted tweet.

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Johnny Depp Took Responsibility For His Break-Up With Kate Moss

While Johnny Depp has loved and lost many times over the years, the actor has also been honest about his faults that have led to his relationships not lasting. Among his many high profile romances, Depp dated supermodel Kate Moss in the 90s but split up with her in 1997. In a candid confession post the break-up, The Tourist star put his hand up to admit that he was responsible for not seeing the relationship through, owing to his obsession with work that did not allow him to give Moss attention.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp and Kate Moss

Moss, for her part, confessed that she was heartbroken by the turn of events and took a long time to get over the break-up. The supermodel also spoke of Depp as one of the few people she felt secure with and someone who would take care of her. Unfortunately, their dreams for a future were not to be.

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