UOKiK is observing the activities of the Poznań-based Bocian Pożyczki company

It is about sale and leaseback contracts for consumers.

As admitted by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, it receives complaints from people who, instead of a loan agreement, unknowingly signed a leaseback agreement for household appliances. They allegedly sold the equipment to the financing company in advance. – The President of UOKiK wants to investigate in the investigation whether in such a scenario the amount from “sale” is in fact not a loan, and “leasing installment” – its repayment including the commission for the company. Consumer signals show that in such contracts the subject of the lease is usually defined very generally. Moreover, one of the complainant consumers claims that he does not own a leased cooker at all, and another that the refrigerator included in the contract was previously taken by a bailiff – explains UOKiK.

– We suspect that the leasing contracts concluded with loan companies or entities related to them are an attempt to circumvent the provisions on consumer credit. The law limits both the amount of interest charged on loans and their non-interest costs. Lease-back contracts, in which there is no obligation for the consumer to purchase the subject of the contract after its termination, are not subject to these provisions. Therefore, I warn consumers to read loan agreements carefully before signing and not to agree to fictitious leasing. As a consequence of such contracts, they can pay very high installments, much higher than those allowed for consumer loans – says Tomasz Chróstny, President of UOKiK.

UOKiK has initiated proceedings against Everest FInanse SA and Everest Finanse Sp. Z o. O. Sp. k. operating under the name Bocian Pożyczki (these are companies registered in Poznań) and Capital Service SA

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