UPC: Free access to Viaplay for the holidays

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Viaplay offers access to national and international films, series and programs, including the new season “Fordu Boyard” or episodes “New Amsterdam Hospital”, programs for children, as well as premium sports live, incl. Bundesliga, UEFA Europa League and NHL. December 4 at At 18:30 UPC customers will be able to watch the Bundesliga classic, i.e. the match, via Viaplay Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich with unparalleled participation Robert Lewandowski. Also new is access to the federation’s combat sports KSWwhose next gala is planned for December 18.

– At UPC, we care for our customers with passion and we are happy to offer them such a unique gift as access to Viaplay, which will bring moments of joy to the whole family during the upcoming holidays. We believe that with the recently introduced Christmas home package “Santa’s Hit” and 5G mobile offers, it will please both our existing and new customers, and will once again prove that UPC is the supplier of first choice on the Polish market – he said Bogdan Bucurei, CMO, UPC Polska.

How to take advantage of free access to Viaplay?

Customers who want to get to know the world of Viaplay and use the service can log in to their account on moje.upc.pl and select an offer (if you do not have an account, register at moje.upc.pl/rejestracja), and then receive an e- mail “Activate your Viaplay Package in UPC”with information on how to register and login to Viaplay.

Free access will last until January 9, 2022. Importantly, after this date, access as part of free temporary access to Viaplay will be disabled. No action on the client side is required, the operator informs.

– Due to the great interest in the Viaplay service, there may be delays in the availability of the offer. Our team is working to make activation possible as soon as possible. Check the availability of the offer tomorrow in Moje UPC. We apologize for inconveniences! UPC team – informs the operator of subscribers who are trying to activate the promotion on 1 and 2 December.

Special offers

UPC Polska it has also prepared special package offers. By choosing one of the packages with commitment by the end of December 2022, the customer will gain up to 4 months of free access to Viaplay, as well as other services included in the package:

  • Viaplay + Polsat Sport for PLN 0 until the end of March 2022, then PLN 39.99 / month
  • Viaplay + Polsat Sport GO for PLN 0 until the end of March 2022, then PLN 39.99 / month
  • Viaplay + Polsat Sport + Eleven for PLN 0 until the end of March 2022, then PLN 49.99 / month
  • Viaplay + Polsat Sport GO + Eleven GO for PLN 0 until the end of March 2022, then PLN 49.99 / month

ATTENTION! The offer is available to customers who have not used the service so far. Depending on the services the client already has on the account, the portfolio of available offers may be different.

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