UPC Polska: Increase in Internet TV fees

The UPC Polska cable network, which was purchased by the owner of the Play mobile network, sends e-mails to selected customers. – From February 1, 2022, we improve your service. You will get faster internet in the program “More benefits for you. That you would be even better with us ”. Best regards – we read the correspondence to customers signed as the UPC Team.

Some customers received an offer to increase the internet speed to 500 Mb / s, others to 750 Mb / s. – We inform you that your subscription will increase by PLN 8 from February 1, 2022 – adds the operator. The service is activated from February 1 after the modem is turned off and on.

UPC spokesman: We invest in speed

– At UPC, we appreciate the loyalty of our customers, offering them the highest quality and value of digital services, while ensuring access to unlimited high-bandwidth internet and the best TV entertainment. In 2021, we continued our investments by introducing Intelligent WiFi for free for over 850,000 customers, improving the quality of internet at home, and increasing the speed of sending data. This is especially true when more customers are working and learning remotely today. At the same time, we offered our clients free, monthly access to the unique content of Viaplay without any obligations – informs the Wirtualnemedia.pl portal Michał Fura, press spokesman of UPC.

The operator’s representative ensures that customers can count on high quality customer service. – UPC makes every effort to constantly be the operator of first choice in Poland, not only because of the best quality of services, but also service. We make sure that our offers meet the needs of our clients as well as we offer them full flexibility. Hence, as part of our activities, we have offered our clients an even higher quality and value of the services provided, providing them with the possibility to stay with the existing options or take advantage of a better offer with the possibility of resignation within 6 months and return to the original option with compensation, as well as termination of the contract. Simultaneously, we make every effort to ensure that customers are fully informed about all available options, using the existing contact channels, including regular e-mail and SMS communication – explains Fura.

How to avoid a raise?

Users who do not take any action will be able to test the increased Internet speed until July 31, 2022. Within 6 months, they can decide whether to use a better quality service or return to the current one. Then the operator will return the difference in the subscription for the period from February 1 to the date of contact with the hotline. At upc.pl/zmiana-uslugi/przypomnienie, you can send an e-mail in May, which will remind you about the ongoing tests of faster internet.

People who do not want to use faster internet at all can declare it at a special internet address (upc.pl/zmiana-uslugi) by the end of January 2022. In the form, it is necessary to provide the customer number (it can be found on monthly bills sent by e-mail) and PESEL. Then the internet speed and subscription fees of these customers will not change.

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UPC is also expanding TV packages

Other customers, also connected with the cable network with unlimited contracts, received an e-mail regarding the increase in fees for the TV package. We rush to you with good news. From February 1, 2022, we improve your service. You will get a richer Max Premium TV package in the “More benefits for you. To make it even better for you, ”we read in the news. The operator further mentions that thanks to this change, the client will have access to 182 channels from February.

– We hope you enjoy it. You should know that you can terminate the Subscription Agreement in connection with the change of subscription. If you decide to do so, we should get your resignation by February 1, 2022 at the latest. – the user of one of the internet forums cites the e-mail.

UPC Polska revenues after three quarters

At the end of the third quarter of 2021, UPC Polska had 1.548 million customers and 3.307 million digital subscriptions. This means increases in both of these categories. The operator’s digital TV subscriber base increased to 1.37 million subscriptions, and the Internet sped up to 390 Mb / s per user. The company had $ 344.9 million in revenues, $ 83.9 million in operating profit, and $ 44.3 million in net profit.

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