UPC will increase the fee for internet, but the increase can be avoided

2022-01-03 13:24

2022-01-03 13:24

UPC will increase the fee for internet, but the increase can be avoided
UPC will increase the fee for internet, but the increase can be avoided
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From February 1, 2022, customers using cable Internet from UPC Polska will pay PLN 8 more for the service. In return, they are to receive more speed. However, you can refuse to change the service, although if someone misses the e-mail and resets their modem, they will automatically upgrade to a higher subscription.

UPC Polska has started sending e-mails to its customers to inform them about upcoming changes to the offer. The cable network intends to increase the subscription price by PLN 8 from February 1, 2022, in return providing higher internet speed. Depending on the current offer, this is to increase to 500 Mb / s or to 750 Mb / s.

Optional but automatic change

The transition to a higher rate and faster internet is to take place if after February 1, 2022, the modem turns off and on. This is an activity that some people perform, for example, after a power failure or in connection with connection problems, so consent to participate in the promotion may be granted unconsciously.

At the same time, the operator indicates in the message sent that the increase can be avoided. To do this, go to the website: upc.pl/zmiana-uslugi, provide your PESEL number and customer number, which can be found on any invoice. The resignation form must be completed before February 1, 2022.

For people who activate the promotion without reading its terms or want to test it, UPC Polska allows you to resign by July 31, 2022. For this purpose, you must also provide your data at: https://www.upc.pl/change- service / reminder, and any money that was automatically billed will be refunded. So you have six months to resign from changing the service.



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