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Upcycling according to Gilberto Calzolari
A Gilberto Calzolari look (courtesy Gilberto Calzolari)

Recycled plastic, jute bags from Brazilian coffee plantations, reassembled seat belts, transformed into accessories and much more. This is The art of upcycling by Gilberto Calzolari, which plays with its most original and iconic “best of”, synthesizing them in garments and accessories made from unusual materials, then reinterpreted in a couture key. As for the packing nets used to transport oranges and lemons, which through a meticulous process abandon their old purpose to transform themselves into a tulle on an asymmetrical evening dress or a pencil skirt. And then even a military green cotton paratrooper backpack from World War II is cut and reassembled into a sexy tight skirt. That of the stylist who grew up in Milan and graduated fromBrera Academy of Fine Arts it is an aesthetic short circuit capable of making the unusual glamorous, also underlining how fashion can be both chic and responsible towards the environment.

«Sustainability is a broad concept. I don’t produce before if there isn’t an order, that’s why I haven’t opened the e-commerce yet. The dress I made from the shower curtain I stained with tempera just to underline how pollution is also partly produced by the fashion system, which uses too many fabrics from fossil sources. Being a designer also means reflecting current issues. To make responsible fashion, unsold garments can also be disassembled and reassembled with stock fabrics “, finally explained the designer to MFF.(All rights reserved)

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