Update to the autumn of 2020 is going to release a new game in the Epic Games Store


The update for the autumn of 2020 is going to release a new game in the Epic Games Store. The bonds were issued by the company on the official blog. Check it out:

Available on pre-order

Dread Nautical: “A role-playing game, tactical turn-based with elements of rogue-like, the Dread Nautical combines the gameplay of traditional styles, with a tone of cartoonish – but cativantemente dark”.

Coming soon

Industries of the Titan – The launch on the 14th of April: “to Develop an industrial city in the fast-growing, design-powerful factories and compete with the other Big clubs do to claim your share of the Industries of the Titan”.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Launching on the 1st of April: Join up to four friends and get the job done in random order on a world that is interactive to consumers. Delivery attempt will be made, and this is the guarantee of a Totally Reliable Delivery Service.

Diabotical: “A game is a first-person shooter in the arena for many of the players with blistering pace F2P – all of this is set in a colourful universe of the robot. Create your very own Eggbot and be a part of the community, in competition with 3 game modes and 9 maps are two different things.”

Saturnalia: “A journey of horror and survival: a play with a cast of characters, exploring a small village, isolated from the age-old ritual, its road-like to change each and every time that you lose all of your characters.

Sludge Life. “The SLUDGE, LIFE is a trip, in first-person, open-world, and focused on the vandalism by an island, polluted and full of idiots, weirdos, and a vibration so dense that it is easy to feel like that.”

Among The Trees: “To build your cabin, and explore the dense forests and live in peace among the trees on this beautiful simulator of survival. You are going to have to eat, sleep and stay warm to survive.”

Control – Expansion 1 – The Foundation Launching on the 26th of march: “to Explore the origins of the house, over the old, and discover the secrets of the strange and unknown even to the Department. The doors of the Foundation are open to it, but some things should stay buried”.

Samurai Shodown: “The legendary warriors come to fight for the fate of the world!!! This is the brand new game, with great visuals and game play of fancy, combined with the mechanics and the atmosphere is not reproduced faithfully, in order to continue the legacy of Samurai Shodown”.

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