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The month of May is sacred for the “old” fans of TV series: it is the Upfronts month, when the fate of the TV series of free-to-air channels (and not only) is decided and new projects are presented. Everything has changed in recent years, the explosion of streaming platforms has made the presentation of schedules to advertising investors more complex, because the life of a series today goes beyond TV. The clear channel FOX only presented the schedule in June.

We’re doing something different this year, focusing on our portfolio of shows to offerCEO Charlie Collier explained. Of course, to complicate the situation has taken over the uncertainty about the future of 911 and The Resident, with the renewal arrived at the last minute.

Upfront 2022/23 FOX TV series renewed and canceled

Charlie Collier, Chief Executive Officer of FOX Entertainment he therefore presented himself to investors on May 16 without revealing a schedule for autumn 2022 and without having the renewal of the two key series of the network in his hands 911 and The Resident, both are expected to be renewed for a sixth season. According to rumors that have been chasing each other for days on American sites including deadline, renewal is practically certain for both.

The two TV series are produced by 20th Television to which the Fox network is no longer connected, after the acquisition by Disney. The negotiations were complicated by economic reasons but in the end FOX Entertainment managed to insert the sixth seasons of 911 and The Resident in its portfolio of programs for the next season. Meanwhile, the spinoff has been renewed 911: Lone Star, as well as comedies Welcome to the Flatch and Call Me Kat (both unpublished in Italy). Let’s see a brief summary:

Fox TV Shows Cancelled:

  • The Big Leap after 1 season
  • Our Kind of People after 1 season
  • Pivoting after 1 season

Fox TV Series Renewed:

  • 911: Lone Star s.4
  • 911 s.6
  • The Resident s.6
  • The Cleaning Lady s.2
  • Call Me Kat s.3
  • Welcome To Flatch s.2
  • Renewed animated The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burger, The Great North, Housebroken

Particularly complex the deletion of Pivoting, appreciated by critics and with good numbers also streaming on HULU. A purely economic decision given that the network had asked to reduce costs by moving the production from Los Angeles to Vancouver, a proposal rejected by actresses Eliza Coupe, Ginnifer Goodwin and Maggie Q. The 20th Television production instead rejected the idea of ​​reducing costs of licence.

Upfront 2022/23 FOX the schedule

The schedule for autumn 2022 by FOX it had not been announced last May 17 at the presentation. But once unveiled it didn’t show any particular surprises to the point that the wait is justifiable only by the fact that the departure dates of the various programs have been veiled. The autumn season is inaugurated by Monarch, the country drama with Susan Sarandon, which will debut on Sunday 11 September after football and then move from 20 to Tuesday after The Resident. Contrary to expectations, Fantasy Island 2 which should have been released in May 2022 has been postponed to 2023.

During the next season, talent and reality shows will return such as Masterchef, The Masked Singer, So You Can Dance, Next Level Chef (which will have the post SuperBowl slot in February 2023), Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsey’s Food Stars, Crime Scene Kitchen, Beat Shazam .

“Fox Entertainment is the only company to have advertising as its nerve center” said Collier to highlight the difference with the other channels all connected to paid streaming platforms. The country music drama Monarch with Anna Friel and Susan Sarandon should also arrive in the fall, which will be joined by the anthology drama Accused and the crime drama Alert produced by Jamie Foxx.

Monday 19
20:00 911 s.6
21:00 The Cleaning Lady s.2

Tuesday 20
20:00 The Resident s.6
21:00 Monarch s.1 (second episode after the debut on Sunday 11)

Wednesday 21st
20:00 The Masked Singer s.8
21:00 LEGO Masters s.3

Thursday 29
20:00 Hell’s Kitchen s.21
21:00 Welcome to Flatch s.2
21:30 Call Me Kat s.3

8pm Friday Night SmackDown

Sunday 25
20:00 The Simpsons s.34
8.30pm The Great North s.3
21:00 Bob’s Burger s.13
21:30 Family Guy s.21

Upfront Fox 2022/23 the new TV series


Set in Texas, Monarch is a multi-generational country music drama. At the center of the Roman family starting from the matriarch Dottie played by Susasn Sarandon, married to Albie (Trace Adkins Country musician), a duo that has created an economic empire. But if Roman is synonymous with authenticity, the kingdom was built on a lie and when everything is at risk the heir to the throne Nicolette “Nicky” (Anna Friel) will do anything to save her legacy.
The series is produced by FOX Entertainment, written by Melissa London Hilfers with Jon Feldman as showrunner.

Accused – Drama

Long in the making, Accused is the adaptation of a BBC series. An anthology set in courtrooms, in which in each episode the viewer knows nothing about the accused, about his crime, about why he is in court and at that point flashbacks will start from his point of view.
The series is co-produced by Sony and Fox Entertainment, executive produced by Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa, David Shore.

Alert – Drama

Alert is a detective story with agents of the missing persons department of Los Angeles at its center. When Officer Nikki Parker’s son goes missing, he decides to join the team to help search for the other missing while trying to find his son. Six years go by and ex-husband Devon Zoellner shows up with one of his son, but is it really him? Alert combines the story of the protagonist, the classic procedural formula with episode cases. Created by John Eisendrath is produced by Sony and Jamie Foxx. Ordered straight to series, so no cast details or first pictures.

The animated series

FOX ordered Grimsburg an animated series with Jon Hamm producer and voice actor of the protagonist, Marvin Flute, a skilled detective who, however, has not yet understood his family. Another animated comedy is Krapopolis, created by Dan Harmon (Rick & Morty) set in ancient Greece with humans, gods and monsters at the center trying to run a city.

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