Upset, Barkley added a layer on Michael Jordan: “We treat it like …

Rivals from the ’90s but also friends, Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan have totally cooled down now. Their relationship couldn’t be more strained than it is, plus, the news keeps coming, which however isn’t the same as before. True to his form, he recently took up the subject in a big way.

What made Charles Barkley a legend is undoubtedly his immense NBA career, but also his famous outspokenness. Few players have thrown as insane punchlines as the old interior and on top of that, the Hall of Fame doesn’t hesitate to target anyone who will deserve it, including his re-training as an advisor on the chain. DTT, Even Michael Jordan was no exception.

Sir Charles, who was heavily critical of his management of the Charlotte franchise a decade ago, has also been completely indifferent to the six-time champions. Not a single word is exchanged between them during this period… and yet, everyone brings the subject to the table again, angering the concerned principal. so when Sports Illustrated Asked him if he’s fed up, he didn’t hesitate to draw:

Barkley is tired of justifying himself for his differences with MJ

Yes ! one hundred percent. one hundred percent ! Because you know, Jimmy, we treat it like we’re Prince William and Prince Harry. As I said, Michael got angry about something. I said we didn’t talk and now, twice a year, I have to defend myself. We don’t deal with each other through the media and we don’t change course. Michael is doing great and so am I.

I lost my friend because I criticized him. Because of the situation with Michael people can always say about me, “Charles, you might not like him, but he’ll be fair.” I’ve always said, “Wait a minute, I criticize other managers and owners. Just because that guy is my best friend doesn’t mean I have double standards, it’s not fair.”

As usual, Chuckster didn’t mince his words and we can totally understand his reasoning. He and MJ may have been friends, but he wanted to respect his profession and his obligation to remain neutral. DTT, If he saw something to criticize, he didn’t hold back, even if it might raise eyebrows from the former Hornets owner. Also, there was material to point fingers at…

Knowing what his job involved, Charles Barkley didn’t want to show favoritism to Michael Jordan and it cost him his friendship. However, it’s been a while since the Hall of Famer turned the page and he wishes everyone would do the same… unfortunately for him, it’s not certain that his wish will be granted.

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