URGENT! Here is the new fastest car in the world. No one has heard of such a brand before, it costs 10 million [ZDJĘCIA]

If so far you thought that the fastest car in the world is a Bugatti, Koenigsegg, McLaren, Ferrari or Lamborghini model, then we have to correct you. Here is the new fastest car in the world. Although probably no one has heard of him before.

Rimac Nevera is an electric hypercar designed from scratch and manufactured entirely in Croatia. This wonder is powered by four electric motors – one for each wheel. Together, these units generate spaceships 1,914 hp and a maximum torque of 2,360 Nm.

And now what tigers like best – acceleration and top speed. The Rimac accelerates to 100 km / h in less than 2 seconds, namely 1.85 seconds. As for the maximum speed, however, it is 412 km / h. Most interestingly, the car has the largest set of batteries ever installed in an electric car. Thanks to this, its range on a single charge is enormous – 550 km.

Unfortunately, as is the case with supercars, only a select few will be able to afford this vehicle. All because of the price – PLN 10 million and production limited to 150 pieces.

source: Wybkierowcow.pl

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