URGENT! Toyota changed the name of the popular model. Are you able to see it at first glance? Because we don’t [ZDJĘCIA]

In the automotive industry, the introduction of next generations of the same car models is something that has been practiced for several decades. Expansion of functionality and minor cosmetic changes are enough and we already have a new Golf, a new Mondeo or a new BMW, for example the 3 series. It was exactly the same with Toyota, which has been dealing with the Corolla model since the 1960s. This changed only in 2006, when the Japanese giant renamed its flagship model Aurisa.

Now, another Toyota has been renamed, and it is not of such a caliber as renaming Corolla into Aurisa. In this particular case, the name change is illusory and, frankly speaking, hardly anyone would notice it at first glance. The most interesting, however, is not the fact of this minimal metamorphosis, but rather its reason.

GR86 and GR 86

I am talking about a sporty Toyota model that will hit the market in 2022 – GR 86. In addition to a well-thought-out facelift, the sports coupe also got a larger engine with a capacity of 2.4. As it turns out, the changes are not over. GT86 originally came to the market with the designation Scion FR-S, then evolved into Toyota 86 in North America, it was also known as GT86 in Europe and FT-86 in Nicaragua and Jamaica. Now it has become the GR 86 – all to join the sports portfolio of the Gazoo Racing family – in combination with the GR Supra and the GR Yaris hot hat.

And when it seemed that Toyota finally systematized the name of this model, just yesterday it became not the Toyota GR 86 but the Toyota GR86. No difference, the author of the article must have made a mistake – you probably thought so. But the error, contrary to appearances, is not here at all. So what is going on? Well – about removing the space between the letters GR and the numbers 86. What would this procedure be for at all and what is the sense of it? We are in a hurry to answer – all via the Internet. This may seem like a pointless change, but there is a very compelling reason behind this move.

The spacing between letters and numbers made it difficult for customers to find their car online because searches in browsers, and especially hashtag searches on social media, saw letters and numbers as two separate units (#GR # 86 instead of # GR86). This change does not change the overall name of the model, but only the way Toyota wants to present or display the GR86 on the Internet. Perhaps someone in the brand’s marketing department based in the city of Toyota found that that thanks to this, people who want to buy this car or find information about it in social media will have an easier task this way.

What about the promotion?

The change has already been implemented on Toyota’s Japanese and North American websites and will soon be adopted by European countries as well. “It has to do with SEO,” a Toyota UK spokesman told CarScoops. “We want people to be able to find their car easily when they search the internet.”

In our opinion, this change seems strange. The point is that this decision was made too late, only a few months after Toyota presented the GR86 in the new version. I wonder how it will affect, for example, things related to promotion – such as advertising brochures or billboards that are just hung in the United States, where The GR86 is expected to hit showrooms at the beginning of December this year. Fortunately, the problem is smaller in Europe, as the first models are to be delivered to Toyota dealers on the Old Continent in spring 2022 at the earliest. So there is ample time to avoid the little chaos associated with this equally small revision.

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