urn, zendaya, clue… portrait of yasora thibbs

Name : Thebes
first name : Yashora
age : 31 years old, almost 32.
size : 1.74m

Discipline : Fencing.
best performance: 2022 world champion.
daughter of : Chantal, the pharmacist and Henri, the restaurant owner.
brothers Sisters: Yes, a younger brother.native : Guadeloupe.
Surname : Isa, Zaza, and Rachou.
Main Quality: I am genuine, natural, honest.
Main defects: Same, very honest, very authentic, very thorough, so I can be a little impulsive.
studies: degree in economics from La Sorbonne and a master’s degree in management from ESCP, a business school.
other language English: “My fiancee is American”.
statue: Serena Williams, Michelle Obama, Rokhaya Diallo, Laura Flessel… there are so many. Women, many women.
If you were…
A famous character: Perhaps Josephine BakerBecause his life was wonderful.
one place : A beach in Guadeloupe.
Garment : A white top, a pair of jeans, sneakers, something casual.
Word : Thank you.
one color : Orange, while I would never wear orange, but I think it is a beautiful solar color.
an animal : Leo is my astrological sign.
Her favourite: It changes all the time, there, I hear the sound of Pip Millet which I like and there’s nothing to do, there’s also the sound of Kalash, so two completely different vibes.

Movies or Series: series. It doesn’t bother me.
Favorite People: I love Zendaya at the moment.
A favorite app: key. It’s a menstrual cycle app, I’m invested in it. I think it’s great for getting to know each other, and it helps me learn more about myself and my performances.beginning : At the age of seven. Originally, my mom thought of it for my little brother, I tried it and fell in love with the game.
Other Sports: I did classical dance and many other dances: I did contemporary dance, tap dance, Indian dance, hip-hop….

other hobbies : Fashion and my Essentielle platform, I enjoy creating content for female athletes.best memory : Once upon a time I was with my whole family around a table where we laughed. I don’t see them often.
Worst Memory: Tokyo Olympics. It was a very difficult time.
a dream: Gender equality in society, that would be nice.
Career for later: Testing a lot of things, fashion designer, filmmaker… I don’t know, something I love.
sin-loving: Candies.
A memory of the Games: I met my fiancé at the Rio Games, he was on the USA team, also a fencer, and we met like that.
Where will you be on 26 July 2024: On this barge with the French team for this beautiful opening ceremony. And why not the flag bearer…

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