Uruguay out of the 2022 World Cup: Gimenez insults the referee, risks maxi disqualification

Risk up to 15-match ban Jose Maria Gimenez for her reaction in front of the cameras afterwards the elimination of Uruguay from the World Cup. Thanks to South Korea’s last-gasp victory against Portugal, Celeste’s success over Ghana was not enough to access the round of 16, with great recriminations from the Uruguayan players at the final whistle.

Gimenez’s anger in front of the camera

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Furia Cavani, breaks Var monitor with a punch. PHOTO

Among the most nervous Cavani, who had knocked down the Var monitor on the sideline with a punch, and Gimenez: the Atletico Madrid defender together with other teammates before chases, surrounds and verbally assaults the referee as she is about to enter the tunnel of the changing rooms, only to lose her mind as the cameras frame them: “A bunch of thieves… they’re all a bunch of thieves!”, his words, enriched by various insults. until that“frame me as well” as a sign of defiance, contemptuous of the consequences: and inatnto there is already talk of a maxi-disqualification by Fifa.

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