US arctic blast: Central part of country set to experience record low temperatures

In this photo provided by Madison McKinney, 95 snowmen are displayed in the front yard of Philip Spitzley’s home after a snowstorm on Friday, Jan. 12, 2024, in Lake Odessa, Michigan . Spitzley’s family made these snowmen as a surprise for his 95th birthday. . . (Madison McKinney/Breaking Bread Photography via AP)

Cold winter weather has blanketed the United States recently, and at the same time, Arctic storm surge could break casualty records Temperatures are rising in the center of the country, with cold and snow spreading from coast to coast, chilling everything from the football playoffs to the presidential campaign.

As the three-day Martin Luther King Day holiday weekend begins, the weather forecast is a series of alarming color-coded warnings from ice storm warning In Oregon until warnings are issued Blizzard on the Northern Plains and warning Gale In New Mexico.

“Overall, it was a very, very terrible winter. Two days later it came out of nowhere”Dan Abinana said while inspecting snowy Des Moines, Iowa. He moved to the state from Tanzania as a child, but said “you never get used to the snow.”

Severe weather in Oregon caused Three people died.

In Portland, medical examiners are investigating a case Death from hypothermia The city, more accustomed to mild winter rainfall, was hit by freezing rain and heavy snow, with hundreds of people sheltering in warming centers for the night.

Amber Valley pushes water into Walnut Street in Lewiston, Maine, on the morning of Saturday, January 13, 2024, after another mixed precipitation storm hit the area. “I wish it was all snow. I’m tired of sleet at the end of the driveway,” he said, keeping the road clear so rainwater and melting snow can flow into nearby storm drains. (Russ Dillingham/Associated Press “The Sun”)

The Portland Fire and Rescue Department also reported A woman in her 30s died Saturday afternoon. A fire broke out in an RV where a small group of people were using an open stove to keep warm, and a tree fell on the vehicle, causing the fire to spread.Three others escaped, one with minor injuries, but The woman is trapped insidethe fire department said.

Authorities in Lake Oswego, Oregon said A tree fell on a house in high winds on Saturday, killing an elderly man on the second floor.

Already reported earlier this week Weather-related deaths in California, Idaho, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen declares state of emergency, citing ‘Conditions are very dangerous’. Over the past week, up to 6 feet (2.0 meters) of snow fell in some areas, with wind chills well below freezing.

“This event is not going to go away tonight. It’s not going to go away tomorrow,” Pillen warned at a news conference. This takes several days. “

Chico Bunch of the Oregon Department of Forestry uses a chain saw to cut a fallen tree into smaller pieces as the tree falls in Portland, Ore., Saturday, Jan. 13, 2024. on a car and a house. (AP Photo/Jenny Kane)

About 1,700 kilometers (2,735 miles) of highways in Nebraska were closed. State police assisted more than 400 stranded motorists, said Col. John A. Bolduc, chief of the Nebraska State Patrol.

exist IowaCars were stuck in the snow on Interstate 80 for five hours after a semitrailer overturned in slippery conditions.State police handled 86 crashes and 535 calls for assistance from motorists since Friday, said State Patrol Trooper Alex Dinkla.

Road crews are “Working like crazy with the snow plow”But strong winds blew the snow onto the roads, Dinkla said.

Governors since then New York until Louisiana They warned residents to prepare for worrying weather.

Temperatures drop below -30°C in parts of Montana On Saturday morning, the National Weather Service said temperatures were expected to be about as high as In northern Kansas, it could be -46°C) in the Dakotas. In St. Louis, the National Weather Service warned of rare and “life-threatening” cold.

People rest at the Friendly House, which opened as an emergency shelter on Saturday, January 13, 2024, in Portland, Oregon. (AP Photo/Jenny Kane)

“Right now, we’ve had multiple storms in a row” sweeping across the country, said Weather Service meteorologist Zach Taylor. This usually happens at least a few times during the American winter.

For Ebony Jones of Des Moines, though, it feels unusual because of “how much money we make in a week.”

“This is crazy,” Jones said as he shoveled the snow.

Grant Rampton, 25, also of Des Moines, braved the cold wind -29℃ Go sledding on the golf course with friends, wear layers of warm clothing and socks to protect against the cold and keep moving.

“This is a great state,” said Lampton, a lifelong Iowa resident. “There’s not much to do, especially in the winter, but you can have fun on your own, like here, sledding with friends.”

On Saturday, January 13, 2024, a crashed truck was abandoned on the side of Interstate 80 in central Iowa. (Nick Rohlman/AP Gazette)

Temperature in some areas Temperatures in Iowa could drop to -14°C on Monday as the Iowa caucuses kick off the presidential primaries. Forecasters say the sub-zero wind chill will disappear by Wednesday.

Republicans Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley and former President Donald Trump canceled campaign events due to the storm.

Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses were without power Saturday afternoon, primarily in Michigan, Oregon and Wisconsin, reported.

exist Yankton, South Dakota, -15°C night. Police say the snowplows are “freezing and malfunctioning,” so they won’t be operating until conditions improve. The Minnehaha County Highway Department also recalled snow plows “due to poor visibility and extremely cold temperatures.”

Elsewhere, if the problem isn’t snow and wind, it’s water: Record highs hit the Northeast, flooding some homes in Maine and New Hampshire.

A person watches huge waves in Lake Michigan near Foster Beach on Saturday, Jan. 13, 2024, after a major snowstorm hit the Chicago area. (Pat Nabong/Chicago Sun-Times via Associated Press)

In the morning, 1.2 to 2 centimeters (5 to 5 inches) of rain fell on the northeast coast, Storm surge fuels highest tides this monthNational Weather Service meteorologist Michael Cempa said. In Portland, Maine, gauges recorded a difference of 4.4 meters between high and low tide, surpassing the previous record of 4.3 meters set in 1978.

governor New YorkKathy Hochul warns ‘dangerous storm’ announced by The NFL playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers was postponed from Sunday to Monday. Residents in the county, which includes Buffalo, were told to stay off the roads starting at 9 p.m. On Saturday, forecasts called for snowfall depths of 0 to 6 feet (1.2 to 0.3 meters) or more and wind gusts of up to 65 km/h (105 mph).

Kansas City, Mo., hosts a cold playoff game Saturday night between the Chiefs and Miami Dolphins. The temperature is -20℃ Once the game started, it easily set the record for the coldest game at Arrowhead Stadium.

Still, hundreds of fans, some wearing ski goggles, thermal socks and other winter gear purchased for the game, had lined up outside the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot hours earlier.

Chiefs season ticket holder Keaton Schlatter and his friends had considered selling their seats, as had many other fans.

The Iowa State Capitol is seen in the distance on Saturday, Jan. 13, 2024, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

“But we think it’s all part of the experience and we don’t want to miss it,” said Schlatter, of West Des Moines, Iowa.

In Oregon, Robert Banks, who has been homeless for years, stood outside his blue tent on a Portland street in the afternoon, wearing gloves as hail struck him. He said he wanted to make sure his belongings were safe before heading to the shelter.

“I lived in Alaska for a few years,” he said. “The wind and the wet cold are different from the dry cold of the tundra…oh, it’s so cold.”

In at least one place, snow is welcome.

Philip Spitzley of Lake Odessa, Michigan, woke up Friday to find 95 little snowmen in his front yard to celebrate his 95th birthday. Fifteen family members and a neighbor helped dump the snow for about 90 minutes.

U.S. Highway 20 is covered in snow during a snowstorm on Saturday, January 13, 2024, near Galva, Iowa. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

“I was very surprised,” Spitzley said. “I was sitting here watching TV and I had no idea they were there. “Then I saw the lanterns. “

The display has become a spectacle as motorists slow down to watch. “They’re going to be there for a while” as colder days arrive, Spitzley said.

(Information from the Associated Press)

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